New StarCraft 2 Screenshot - Infested Terran

A new StarCraft 2 Infested Terran screenshot has been made available, and is posted at

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Leord2998d ago

Hehe, like the details on that!

Xwow20082997d ago

i remember this unit from the SC1 :),but really blizzard release the damn game already :(( too much wait.

CoderDunn2997d ago

He has tentacles coming out of his eye sockets O.O

ilikecookies2997d ago

COOKIE!!!! me want NOW!!!

Recka2998d ago

HAHA awesome! I love sending these guys in to the enemies :P Always annoying XD

Leord2998d ago

They will work differently in SC2, however.

Instead of suicide troops, they will actually shoot!

Maticus2998d ago

That thing looks vicious

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The story is too old to be commented.