Dante's Inferno - GameShard Review

GameShard have posted their review of Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno:

"Dante's Inferno simply doesn't deliver on its potential. There's a decent story in here somewhere, hampered by haphazard telling, and whilst the combat is satisfying and polished it doesn't do nearly enough to differentiate itself from its peers, and the exploration is pretty much a write off due to irregularly placed checkpoints and wobbly handling. With the likes of last month's Darksiders and Bayonetta to contend with, and God of War 3 on the way, your money and time could be better spent elsewhere."

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FangBlade2863d ago

This game is getting crucified like hell. (pun intended)

Megaton2863d ago

I still wanna play it, reviews be damned!

The Meerkat2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Its good fun.

I'd rate it higher than Bayonetta. Which has no story. Games need a story. And Pong has a better story than Bayonetta.

Troll_Police2863d ago

I'll wait for God of War III.

ThePlaystation3guy2863d ago

Troll_Police is right. If you own a PS3, just save your money for GOW III.

Just because the game has tons of blood and violence doesn't mean it's going to be good. You know why it's fun? Because it is a clone of GOW!

Buy the GOW Collection...$30 vs $60...GOW COLLECTION WINS!

prettyboy12863d ago

the demo in my opinion was ok but they did play the full game so ouch