Top 10 best-selling games of January in Japan

Find out what the best-selling games in Japan were for the month of January.

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mjolliffe2966d ago

No surprises, and Nintendo will continue to rule Japanese gaming for a long time....

Valay2966d ago

It's funny how Dragon Quest VI released late in January, but had the biggest impact.

PhilipLarkin2966d ago

Don't Nintendo now practically own the whole of Japan? Like some creepy Dr. Who episode...

Valay2966d ago

Haha. Well, the reason why Nintendo did so well in January is because a lot of popular software was released in Japan, like Dragon Quest. Meanwhile, older titles like Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver continue to sell.

bigjclassic2966d ago

man DS is the place for JRPGs. If you dont have a DS and complain about JRPGs then what kind of gamer are you?

2966d ago
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