The King Is Dead; Long Live The King?

Arthas has left the building, will WoW follow?

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan discusses a couple of reasons why the Lich King's demise could spell the end of WoW's long reign.

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Leord2863d ago

I like this line of thought. Or, at least it's interesting to explore.

siliticx2862d ago

Butt from another standpoint, it could be reborrn even stronger.

Cataclysm could be like a fresh start. The king is dead. The end of the Warcraft 3 segment has finally arrived and could mean a stronger WoW that would lead the way into Warcraft 4.

Medievaldragon2863d ago

There's always the possibility that Arthas gets resurrected by Bolvar Fordragon. It rises the question though. What's the next chapter for the Undead Scourge now that Fordragon is the new Lich King?

Will he become a new threat in a future expansion, or an ally?

Fyzzu2863d ago

Not buying it. It might see a drop in the playerbase until Cataclysm turns up, but once it does, subscriptions will once again rise sharply.

AndyA2863d ago

I doubt I'll ever get to face the Lich King anyway - wish I had the time to join a guild.

Maticus2863d ago

Blizzard is likely to time Cataclysm so that it releases a few months before SW:TOR. Everyone will be absorbed in playing the new content to want to try anything else I reckon.

If SW:TOR was released now or next month, then there'd be trouble.

Malfurion2863d ago

Never thought I'd be that interested in SW:TOR until I played Dragon Age. Huge BioWare fan now, so awaiting that game with massive anticipation.

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