Just Cause 2 'Freedom and Chaos' Trailer Released

As anticipation builds for Eidos Interactive and Avalanche Studios' forthcoming Just Cause 2, the developers have released a brand trailer entitled 'Freedom and Chaos'. This new trailer showcases a variety of environments, from snowy peaks to beautiful sunsets, and demonstrates the freedom given to the player to choose their own combat tactics in each.

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bunfighterii2868d ago

This game looks totally freakin' awesome! I feel like I'm one of the only ones excited for it though...

jozzah2868d ago

Your not the only one, this game looks simply a whole bunch of fun!

SpoonyRedMage2868d ago

I'm getting it too! Looks awesome!

micro_invader2867d ago

You can slot me into the excited group as well. This game looks crazy.

xabmol2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

At first. xP But the more I see/learn about it, the more I want it! Can't buy it though... =/


Looks like it's time to join GameFly again! :D

A Cupcake for Gabe2867d ago

This is like a TPS version of a Farcry game, but with an insane amount of action. I am really looking forward to playing it.

ThanatosDMC2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

It'll be fun but highly unrealistic especially the parachute in which you can parachute perfectly at 15ft and glide like no tomorrow. Watch the dev diaries on youtube or that website. It's going to be better than Mercs2 that's for sure.

I bought the first one for $2 at half price several months ago.

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kevco332868d ago

I really thought the first one was under-rated. I'm all over this sequel...

pr0digyZA2867d ago

I liked the first one so I'm really excited to see how they improved with this one .Day one for me unless it gets under 60.

kevco332867d ago

From what I've seen I doubt anywhere will score it that low, but inot exepecting to many 9s/90%s. It'll probably end-up with plenty of 70-85% scores...

TheGuardianFID2867d ago

I still have the first one, this sucker's gonna be fun to play!!!8)

xg-ei8ht2867d ago

Looks good. I'd like a demo.

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