Warhawk Box Unveiled

Scheduled for a simultaneous debut on both BD-ROM and the PSN in late August/early September, Incog Inc.'s Warhawk takes the idea of 32-player "online only" action and tosses it into a PS3 with tanks, hovercraft, and jeeps that blast each other silly across four different gaming modes.

Though users can download Warhawk directly through the PlayStation store, people who purchase the physical disc will get a voice communication headset bundled in as well as Blu-ray bonus content like behind-the-scenes documentaries and similar goodies.

Hit the jump for the game's final box art.

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nextgengaming183772d ago

I mean really. It is up there with shadowrun.

Torch3772d ago

Personally, I've seen much worse.

Violater3772d ago

They need to make sure they splash ONLINE ONLY across the cover.

sandip7873772d ago

yeh does look a bit bland. they could do a much better job, but oh well if the games good i dont care!

Diselage3772d ago

For how exciting the gameplay looks you think they would do something more exciting with the cover.

Mr_Kuwabara3772d ago

It's sad. First impressions are the most important of all.

drtysouf213772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

grabs your attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.