Living with the PS Video Store – The PS3 Attitude Review

From PS3 Attitude: "The PlayStation Video Store first came to our attention back at E3 2008, when it was simultaneously announced and launched during the Sony press conference.

It took until November 2009 for the Video Store to hit European shores, so we decided to take it for a little more than the usual test drive and see if we could live on just the Video Store for our movie viewing needs for a month.

Here's the story of what happened…"

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siarraweb3231d ago

are subtitles available on the movies we buy/rent ?

InfectedDK3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Well I guess so.. Would be a bit lousy if not..
I'm really looking forward to be seeing the Video Store in Denmark!

Also, good read.

jack_burt0n3231d ago

£16.99 unlimited monthly rentals should be offered.

DolphGB3231d ago

I think a monthly subscription option would be good too, but to stay competitive with the likes of LoveFilm, it would need to be £9.99 or less...