Rainbow Six: Vegas PS3 goes gold

Today Ubisoft announced the PlayStation 3 version of Raibow Six: Vegas has gone gold and will ship to retail on June 26. The first PS3 entry for the long-running Tom Clancy series, Vegas sends players to Sin City to neutralize a terrorist threat.

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Torch4192d ago

It's sooo about time!

(nearly six months of delays!!!)

nextgengaming184192d ago

Delayed for 6 years. And might get delayed again.

Torch4192d ago

That's not nearly as long as Duke Nukem Forever!!

Ha!...Gotchya there!

(Oh, how I wish I was only kidding.)

Boink4192d ago

except too human isn't out on another console already.

sandip7874192d ago

great, this is an excellent. wont be getting it mind, ive already completed it. does anyone know what extras will be includeD?

brianodom4192d ago

awww hell..we're actually ya dance ..sho

Contra264192d ago

whooops.. I MEAN GOLD!!!!

THE_JUDGE4192d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

but I guess next is as good as any. My gf is leaving the country for 6 weeks on Monday so Vegas, The Darkness and Ninja Gaiden will be getting alot of spins in the PS3 for the next months, thats for sure!

Reply to lavdrim: she's going with family so I'm not worried and she does it evey year. She shouldn't worry too much not that I have those games to keep me busy.

gunnerforlife4191d ago

shouldent you be woried about youre gf going on holiday by her self or her mates who knows what she might get up too:lol:

sorry about the off topic bit:P
cant wait till i get this game:lol: sorry about that judge but i couldent help myself lmao.

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The story is too old to be commented.