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Submitted by Pozzle 2121d ago | review

OPM UK Reviews Heavy Rain: 9/10

The Official Playstation Magazine UK recently reviewed Heavy Rain, and they were impressed, giving it a 9/10 and calling it "one of the freshest, most exciting, and even important games on the PS3 so far," although they did acknowledge that, due to the game's unusual style, "a lot of people are going to hate it, or simply be baffled by it." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

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Bereaver  +   2121d ago
Heavy Rain was a gamble that paid off.
LordMarius  +   2121d ago
Yay Heavy Rain, 9/10
A$$ Effect Who

Also, haha nogolis you aint on top now
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DarkTower805  +   2121d ago
"Heavy Rain was a gamble that paid off."
Only critically, not monetarily...yet. There was no doubt that QD had what it takes to make a good game, it's up to Sony to market it right.
deadreckoning666  +   2121d ago
@Bereaver- Not yet, we have yet to see how the PS3 fanbase responds to Heavy Rain when it comes out. Critical acclaim doesn't necessarily mean Heavy Rain will be successful.

From what I've seen from vids, it looks like an incredible experience. But i'll wait for the price to come down. My next $60 is going straight to GOW3.
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Sarcasm  +   2121d ago
This game is going to be hard to market though. All I know is that I'm just going to rent it.
RememberThe357  +   2121d ago
I agree completely, I can't see how anyone could disagree with you on that one.

I didn't think anyone thought this game would sell well.
-Alpha  +   2121d ago
I think if Sony focuses ads on Heavy Rain it may end up with negative repercussions with who they are aiming at. TV advertisements should be aimed for the general, clueless gamer, and I think that it's hard to market and explain a game like this in short ads to general audiences.

First of all I don't think a Kevin Butler ad would do. It would totally offset the aim of trying to explain the game, and though he is funny Heavy Rain is far from "funny".

Most gamers who take their hobby to the internet at least know about heavy rain and today the internet is such a great tool to advertise. hell Sony doesn't even have to do it, Youtube does it.

The point is that if Sony advertises this game a lot then it will lead to a lot of average gamers being really confused. I strongly do not think this game is for the average gamer, though I do have hope that some people can appreciate it.

I'd much rather Sony focus their ads on something like God of War.

Heavy Rain is a big risk. It pays off as a game as numerous reviews have credited but that's half the story. The sales is unknowable until it happens.

I cannot imagine how Sony would advertise something like Heavy Rain without throwing off or misleading a gamer. HR is not a traditional game and people today don't get hung up on story telling or anything like that, they like their thrills through online gaming and shooting things IMHO.

Now with that said, I'm not trying to be one of those grumpy "This gen is full of kids and shooters" gamers. I think HR can do just fine with minimal advertising because the appreciation is there. But hey, on the other hand an advertisement wouldn't hurt boost sales, and if people don't like it, they don't like it. I trust that there is a significant amount of people that will appreciate the game. I mean, I guess a COD gamer wouldn't buy something like this so people who buy it must at least expect something unique or different.

But anyways, forget the marketing, this game will do just fine and I personally do not care about sales.
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kaveti6616  +   2121d ago
I can't believe I'm saying this. But I guess I'm going to buy this game. I made fun of it constantly before, what with the orange juice pouring and all, but it appears Quantic Dream has crafted an excellent experience and I must give them my support. At least it isn't a derivative FPS.
deadreckoning666  +   2121d ago
Don't know why me and Dark Tower got so many disagrees...could a couple of you care to explain how Heavy Rain will be a guaranteed commericial success?

@Alpha-Male- Yeah man, its my fault for trying to reason with a fanboy lol
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-Alpha  +   2121d ago
Good luck finding decent arguments, people would much rather hide behind disagree buttons anytime something negative is said against something people like. It's best not to take them seriously since they can't manage to engage and confront your point.
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Blaze929  +   2121d ago
It's hard for Sony to advertise Heavy Rain. How DO you advertise this kind of experience without giving the player an opportunity to play it? With the average game people know what to expect - this isn't your average game so how do you advertise it?

I'd rather they just save it for God or War 3. All I could say is for them to play the latest trailer in commercials....well some of it as there was partial nudity on that one.

I'm buying this game becuase I'm a fan of Quantic Dream and already KNOW what to expect. I could throw out everything I know about Heavy Rain including the nice graphics and solely buy this game becuase I see Quantic's name on the box. That's just me.

Speaking of advertising, I haven't seen not one White Knight Chronicles ad :/

Heavy Rain will no doubt be a critical success. Indigop Prophecy got a 83 on meta:

So no doubt this will be even better. The problem is, and I think we all know this, not many will buy the game. Whereas IP is on 3 systems and Games on Demand for Xbox 360 and pushed ~800,000+ sales, this is only on one system with not even half the user base of Indigo Prophecy.
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Saaking  +   2121d ago
Heavy Rain + Bioshock 2 + Napoleon Total War= WIN. I can't wait for this game.
RememberThe357  +   2121d ago
I agree with you on how you can't really advertise this type of game. And even if you did people would understand what they were looking at.

I think of it like trying to advertise sex. How the hell would you do that if people had never been experienced it before. All it would look like is two naked people touching eachother. You just have to experience it yourself to know how great it is :)
DarkTower805  +   2121d ago
This game isn't hard to advertise at all
@Alpha-Male22, Not every game needs a Kevin Butler commercial. It's definitely a tough one to market, but I'm sure there are analysts that figure this stuff out. The E3 trailer is what got me hooked, and I'm sure it could do the same with others. Heck, even run the trailer at movie theaters.

@RememberThe357, why would you even bring up nudity or sex? That's the furthest from what this game is about. Don't forget, this is a Mature title and is not intended for kids anyway.
vhero  +   2121d ago
Time and time again people moan they want something new in a saturated games market and Heavy Rain is the first game in a LONG time to provide that and people moan because it's differn't. Honestly you can't bloody win.
Ravage27  +   2121d ago
i don't think Sony is going to spend much on ads for HR
it would make more sense to concentrate the $$$ on mainstream titles like GOW3. The upcoming public demo plus some strong reviews will be sufficient imo.
PirateThom  +   2121d ago
Really, the only way to advertise Heavy Rain would be with a movie-style trailer rather than your standard gaming ad.

Even then, Quantic Dream have been intentionally trying to stop plot details leaking out.
Raf1k1  +   2121d ago
My thought on advertising Heavy Rain
I can't remember what the statistics were about how often people in the UK go to the cinema but it was pretty often.

I think a good way to advertise this would be in cinemas before movies that are comparable to Heavy Rain as the people who are watching that movie are likely to also be interested in Heavy Rain too.

About the advert itself, I think it would be better to have one where people who have played the game talk about it while showing the what they're talking about. This way you can get across the fact that the game allows you to experience what the characters are going through.

If you watch the vid below it shows a scene where one character is trying to get through some electric wire and failing which would require him to try again until he got through which meaning the player would feel a sense of frustration and maybe even desperation if there was a time limit.

edit2: there are also the more slow and time consuming tasks such as searching a large crime scene (like in the demo) which would obviously take time and can be annoying which is something the FBI agent would also feel.
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sikbeta  +   2121d ago
This Game will be Awesome, don't care about how well it'll sell, sadly it'll not sell amazingly, well cuz is not a SHOOTER

DaTruth  +   2121d ago
My biggest issue with this game was that I wasn't sure it would appeal to me personally. But seeing as how it seemingly appeals to everyone who ever tried it, I'm officially in!

So critical acclaim does reward some sales!
nogolis  +   2121d ago
Oh, this wasn't obvious was it? Nahh...
deadreckoning666  +   2121d ago
YAY, one random persons opinion means the WORLD to me! Being a PS3 fanboy is great!
Anorexorcist  +   2121d ago
@ nogolis
Your intelligence levels projected through your comments have dropped like a bomb over the past week. Who the hell are you? Really?

@ deadreckoning

Super Yay, one random article describing the sale amounts for a Xbox 360 game I don't even play anymore or own really means the world to me!!!!!

I don't even have any kind of capital stake within Microsoft or any of the developers, but their products' commercial success MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but wait...If sales make me so damn happy, why am I not a Wii fanboy already???)
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Michael-Jackson  +   2121d ago
Play it, only If you have a PS3.
Killzonegamer84  +   2121d ago
This is great news but..
Isnt this old as dirt? I thought the OPM UK review was the first review posted like 2 weeks ago, or am I wrong?
tomsau  +   2121d ago
you're not wrong, this is weeks old
it's annoying when they post the rumour mill rumours about a month after the mag comes out

if people are gonna submit this stuff then submit it when the mag comes out =/
Troll_Police  +   2121d ago
Can't wait to play it.
yourgodisdead  +   2121d ago
The demo reminded me of the movie Se7en, one of my favourites, loved every second of it. This game is going to be a great experience.
Neo604  +   2121d ago
But ass effect the greatest xbox exclusive ever!!! It's also best rpg!!
But it also on PC and when it hit the ps3 then I'll have a lot of fun on n4g.
Anorexorcist  +   2121d ago
You know what's funny?
There was an idiot here on N4G that was posting under the name horndog that once said, and I quote: " long as it isn't on the ps3 it's exclusive. We all know that you guys don't buy PC games other wise games like Dragon Age and other multiplatforms wouldn't have sold so much on the ps3"

So yeah, the delusions of the Xbot idiot fanboys have reached a new low. It doesn't matter if a game is on the Xbox 360, the Wii, and/or PC. As long as it isn't on the PS3, it's considered an Xbox 360 exclusive. Pretty F'n pathetic, don't you agree?
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Alan-Wake   2121d ago | Spam
shutupandplay  +   2121d ago
It pretty much goes both ways. 360 fanboys brag because it`s not playable on PS3, and PS3 fanboys brag because they don`t need a 360. They`re both pretty retarted arguments.
Dutch Boogie  +   2121d ago
AAA baby. Day 1 buy right here b1atches.
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Kerrby  +   2121d ago

This will be the best PS3 game ever, so unique and enthralling.
Shaka2K6  +   2121d ago
1st contender of GOTY 2010 already? well only on Sony PS3.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2121d ago
some won't understand it
because they never try other games other than madden or fps games.

a person came into my work place and all he said he played was call of duty on his ps3.i asked about other games he played....nope...just COD.

he might be having fun.but it seems limited and eating the same lunch every day.

i did the challenge and downloaded the demo.heavy rain is not for everyone.but it is intriguing to it's day one just like omikron and indigo prophecy.a cerebral experience while still providing action through QTE segments.

i'm glad it's coming to keeps ps3 fresh.just like MAG.we have those that are trying to trash that game too.but the haters have yet to see the bigger made 256 players **WORK**

that means they can make epic battles of wwi/wwii,they can make massive medevil battles with swords,shields,archers catapults,etc.

who wouldn't want sony to be successful in creating massive campaigns where every person on the screen gets to play EXCALIBUR style?but it opens the door to new gameplay.just like heavy rain.

ps2 brought gaming out in the open beyond nintendo's idea of gaming is for kids.ps3 is now bringing the next gen games for those adults that bought ps2.first it was twitch it's games that make you think and not so about reflexes.
Shang-Long  +   2121d ago
Wow very positive no trashing other companys. Good post I dint read long post but urs was good. Bubble up bro
Ravage27  +   2121d ago
i finally broke down and downloaded the demo
was avoiding it since i've got it preordered,but thankfully there's no major spoilers.

And wow what can i say....really impressive demo and it has eliminated all my doubts. I was actually quite surprised at how good the gfx was, honestly they look good enough to be CGI-quality.
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JonnyBigBoss  +   2121d ago
This game is a masterpiece.
tiamat5  +   2121d ago
And the hits just keep on coming. Heavy Rain? More like Heayweight. Take that Alan Wake!
Parapraxis  +   2121d ago
...why are you mentioning Alan Wake?
A LIVING LEGEND  +   2121d ago
Heavy Rain will,by my own observations,do surprisingly well.It isn't unfathomable,unreasonable nor altogether surprising to believe that HR may provide a nice,unique experience sought after by MANY gamers tired of generic 'shoot,kill repeat' gameplay and shallow attempts at imitation such as DI and others.I personally know many people who are eagerly awaiting HR's arrival.If you believe that my example is unique or perhaps the minority,fine,perhaps you are correct.I do not share that view however.
I am buying it,can't wait.Can't say I'm alone in that idea.HR will do fine,trust me.
Redlight  +   2121d ago
This game has got me in a spin. I didn't love the demo but now the English language reviews (important because voice acting will mean a lot in HR) are all looking golden!

This might be one of those games that you just have to lock yourself away with and let the experience drift over you.

Damn, my hopes are up again!
mattygamefreak  +   2121d ago
The only reason I want this title to sell well is because I'd like to see the developer's get their fair share. The only thing that really matters to me is that I have a copy in my hands.
blair_enigma  +   2121d ago
so.. who is the killer?
let me just ask this before the world does.. so who is the killer? did the killer really do that? im enjoying the game and love the experience! ( i dont have the game yet cant wait.)

im the first one who ask who the killer is yey :)
Grown Folks Talk  +   2121d ago
It will be a nice change of pace from the usual fare.
& more than likely something that will last longer than 2 days worth of solid playing time to beat. Most any game nowadays can be finished in a few days with minimal effort. I would think replay value would be fairly decent as well. Guess that depends on the # of paths to reach a goal. Since various characters can die w/o ending the game, that will help as well.
Alan-Wake   2121d ago | Spam
Lirky  +   2121d ago
So they used a pic of dead madison page laying on her side :(
Alan-Wake   2121d ago | Spam
Alan-Wake   2121d ago | Spam
Alan-Wake   2121d ago | Spam
ironmonkey  +   2121d ago
its nice to see some people coming to together and just being gamers and not bashers this needs to keep up ill admit im harsh at times but that doesnt mean i cant change i own both consoles so i have no reason to be a hater at least not anymore
stonecold1  +   2121d ago
the crapbox
had no games since 2006 /07 /08 / 09 /2010 all multiplatform the psp has sold more then the crapbox the crapbox would never reached 60 million so bots keep on dreaming ps3 gets final fanasy vs 13 kindgom hearts exclusive to ps3 plus 360 jrpgs all folp on the flopbox have fun switching those dvd last gen console just like the wii the 360 and the wii share the last gen technolgy
GMWPS3  +   2121d ago
I played the demo over the weekend and I really enjoyed it!
I was intrigued by this game from long ago but after trying out the demo, I am hooked. It felt fresh to play it and as others have said it's different from the normal mainstream games we have been getting.

The story has me hooked and there is just enough interaction to make it feel more than just hit some buttons and move on. It has some real atmosphere. I now laugh in other games during scenes where you get to talk to other characters. They seem soo rudimentary - Batman A.A. I'm looking at you!
The_Truth_2009  +   2121d ago
Figboy  +   2121d ago
sales or not, this industry
is about entertainment.

as a piece of entertaining, interactive software, Heavy Rain is looking to deliver quality. i absolutely loved the demo.

as a gamer who's been playing since the NES launched in 1985, i'm constantly amazed at what developers/publishers have been able to pull off.

yeah, there are more Activisions than Quantic Dreams out there, but those few developers that really push the industry forward are the reason why, at 30, i'm still a gamer now.

games like Madden and Call of Duty will always perform well in sales, but it's the little games like Heavy Rain, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, etc that are remembered and talked about years later.

with series like CoD and Madden, the excitement of those games lasts only until the next entry in the franchise hits.

people are STILL talking about how fantastic of an experience Shadow of the Colossus, or Prince of Persia, or Shenmue, or Indigo Prophecy were, and those games didn't perform spectacularly (although Prince of Persia and Shadow of the Colossus sold more than 500,000 units, and are on the PS2's Greatest Hits line).

don't judge a game by it's sales, but by it's quality.

Heavy Rain may not sell 8 million units day one, but Quantic Dream DELIVERED on it's game play promises, which is worth more to me than ANY amount of useless sales data.

i'm not supporting Heavy Rain with my money because it's different. i'm supporting Heavy Rain with my money because it's GOOD.
tiamat5  +   2120d ago
"a lot of people are going to hate it, or simply be baffled by it." Truer words have never been spoken about a game
Morgue  +   2120d ago
The way I see it is if you pick up a controller and have a hard time making decisions or asking questions in a game by pressing a corresponding button twirling around your head. How can you even make choices in the real word? In plain and simple english I'll spell it out. A lot of people don't use common sense and they don't think before they act or speak. Heavy Rain makes you do both and I don't think a majority of gamers want to think about choices because games are seen as a way to escape reality not confront it.
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