Absolute Games: Mass Effect 2 review

Absolute Games, Review of Mass Effect 2.

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Blaze9293150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

lol did they just really compare this game to Heavy Rain? wuuuut?


Ok do people just disagree now for the heck of it lol? They clearly just compared it to Heavy Rain at the bottom of the review...ya know, if you CLICK the red full review link....

So if they didn't do that then please disagree fairies, tell me what they did do.

Ninji3150d ago

I expected a game like this to score this low as it's not a good game at all. They seem to focus too much on TPS and boring+repetitive dialogue. This seems to be a bad year for RPGs (on consoles at least). Maybe later this year we'll be able to play a RPG above mediocrity.

Myst3150d ago

Yeah, I don't see why you'd compare ME2 to Heavy Rain. Meh, you know the majority of the time you won't get a logical answer in return for a disagree.

Saaking3150d ago

Obviously for hits. Don't even click the link.

kaveti66163150d ago

Wtf Ninji. You're gonna judge a game because it steps outside its genre a little or else focuses on one aspect of its genre?

Yeah, most people know that this game is a shooter RPG. For all its minor flaws, the game is still outstanding. It definitely doesn't deserve a 74/100. It deserves at least an 8.5.

Solidus187-SCMilk3150d ago

thats funny. Id expect you to agree with an off base review as im guessing your taste in games is pretty bad.

Natsu X FairyTail3150d ago

Ninji opinion = biased crap not even worth reading.

Cyrax_873150d ago

IIRC, they gave Uncharted 2 a score below 9 too.

mikeslemonade3150d ago

You guys are exactly what is wrong with game reviews. Don't you guys get tired of games getting 9s and 10s all the time. Critics are called critics for a reason. They are suppose to be critical about the game. Giving a 9 or 10 to a developer just lets them know that they don't have to try as hard next time.

And by the way Uncharted 2 is still better.

madmonkey03150d ago

theese guys gave kz2 a 7 too, dont worry too much about their review, its a lot like edge.

starchild3150d ago

When reviews are this far outside of the general consensus you have to wonder if they are just trying to get attention. Nevertheless, it is his opinion, so whatever. Personally, I feel Mass Effect 2 is the best game released this generation.

darkmurder3150d ago

lol hit seeking if the review is this late, lame.

gaffyh3149d ago

No way in hell is ME2 a 7.4. It is at worst a 8.5, and I would class it as a 9.4. Obvious cry for hits.

CrazzyMan3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Some kind of Russian EDGE.

Also, that site has as much hits as, because it`s one of the most popular Russian Gaming sites.

Also, i don`t see this review on metacritic for x360 version, only for PC. Now talk about some MetaCritic BIAS.))

Lord Vader3149d ago

Absolute Games = EPIC FAIL

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huga_muga3150d ago

people have different opinions, i also think ME2 dose not deserve higher than 9, but thats my opinion, doesn't make the game worst.

anyways this site is featured on Metacritic.

PeptoBismol3150d ago

different opinions my a$$

Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece!

Digitaldude3150d ago

^ lol oh what a contradiction. Good game yes, masterpiece, no.

Ravage273150d ago

i think this was the review site that knocked UC2's meta average down from 97 to 96

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Sackdude3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )


shutupandplay3150d ago

You`ve never heard the term bogus? Wow, that`s pretty bogus man.

Mo0eY3150d ago

Bogus - noun - to not believe it; fake; sometimes stupid, retarded, and/or dumb.


PS3 Man: I can't believe that Mass Effect 1/2 aren't on the PS3 yet. That's bogus.
EA: Don't worry - you will see it this Holiday 2010.

Ninji3150d ago

Of course I figured this would happen since it's more of a TPS than a RPG.

chidori6663150d ago

not have game perfect.. mass effect is no excession ;)

DigitalAnalog3150d ago

I may not own a 360 or the game in particular but I can tell when a review site simply wants to get hits. Heck, if I defended Uncharted 2 from such a fiasco back then this should be no exception.

-Go Figure!