Mass Effect 2's sexiest Shepards

Red sky at night, Shepard's delight - GamerZines go on the hunt for Miss Universe.

If you're going to be stuck watching a character's behind for the duration of a game's playtime, especially that of an RPG, you might as well have something worth looking at, right?

So with that in mind, GamerZines has scoured the net for the sexiest Shepards out there, and after much deliberation (and a few dropped jaws) listed their top five.

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dgroundwater2963d ago

Agreed. Only they don't have a link to the creation info so I have a sadface. The one in the article pic and the last one are great and I'd like to use them.

SaberEdge2963d ago

Very sexy radies, indeed. I'm going to play as a girl on my next play through. Hopefully I can make my female Shepard look as attractive as these ones.

dgroundwater2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Ooh I found the creation code for the one in the article's picture.
651.1FL.117.F7T.SD1.JAG.11E.1 15.RE6.117.247.176
Paste (or slide on Xbox) that and it should work.

Bigpappy2963d ago

I just don't know how to play a women. Maybe if I didn't have to make all of these choices it would not matter. Like if it was an rpg were you level-up an follow the plot, or even a straight shooter. But I like being very forceful in this game, and having a guy lead and voice just works really well for me.

vhero2963d ago

How the hell does stuff like this get approved? This isn't gaming news! N4G = News 4 Gamers. This is a joke!

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cyguration2963d ago

is mildly disturbing, no? 3D customized chick fetishes??? 0_o?

presto7172963d ago

But how many people actually spend a lot of time try to make hot avatars? I think a lot of people just go for the plain and simple and head straight for the action.

cyguration2963d ago

I at least have to give them props, though...only a lonely man-nerd could make a non-realistic chick that hot.

DelbertGrady2963d ago

It's a good thing Itagaki san wasn't in charge of the character creation tool. Although the idea of zero gravity boob physics in space is quite tittilating(p.u.n.).

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OrganicMachine2963d ago

I was going for a female sheperd on the first ME1.. the standard female shepard didn't look cute at all so I stuck with the standard male look..

Letros2963d ago

not that there is anything wrong with that.

Double Toasted2963d ago guys are some slick customers. That whole Jacob level...Dr. Dwight York real ;)

dgroundwater2963d ago

The black supremacist child molester? He made an Egyptian themed compound for his followers, yeah; what does it have to do with Jacob's mission?

OrganicMachine2963d ago

not to mention the Quarian and BattleStar Galactica similarities..

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The story is too old to be commented.