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10 of The Best Deals in Gaming History

RespawnAction: "We all love getting a great deal with video games. Even if it is just a $14.99 decrease in price, we walk away happy. Over the years of gaming there have been some amazing deals where you walked away both happy, and felt like a bandit. Here are some of the noteworthy deals that have come across in the gaming industry." (Culture, Metal Gear Solid, Metal gear solid 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, PC, PS3, The Orange Box, Wii, Xbox 360)

Handhelds_FTW  +   2028d ago
The article overlooked
That period of time where if you purchased a SNES you would receive Mario-All Stars for free.
respawnaction  +   2028d ago
Well I did write if you feel I missed something to mention it :). That is an honorable mention thought, good choice.
Handhelds_FTW  +   2028d ago
I agree
With your list, and I think your list was mostly aimed at long term / permanent gaming deals.

Another deal I would like to mention is when the Saturn was near end life cycle, if you purchased the system it came bundled with Virtual Cop 2, Virtual Fighter 2 and Daytona USA.
movements  +   2028d ago
Nice article : )
DaReapa  +   2028d ago
Clocking in at 10 bucks (at one brief point, half off), Bionic Commando: Rearmed is just as great a deal as Battlefield 1943 IMO.
PoSTedUP  +   2028d ago
i seen a $5 redfaction gurilla on D2D, that's a full game and that's pretty close to FREE.
EvilTwin  +   2028d ago
Great call with GBA. I still play Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission on my old school, NES-colored one. Tons of great games.

...and yeah, since I'm a Metroid head, the Prime Trilogy might be the greatest deal this gen (along with Orange Box). I only wish they'd made the multiplayer online, because it actually works a lot better now that you aren't just locking on and shooting away.

I'd add the PS2 in, maybe even over the PS3. There are just so many great PS2 games. You get your obligatory GTA and Shaddow of the Colossus, but also games like Odin Sphere and Killer 7.
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