SONY to Run Circles Around Competition: Signs Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Sony has announced the signing of NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. to a personal services contract. Sony will be able to use Earnhardt's name, image and voice in advertising and will be a sponsor of his new Hendrick's team car.

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kspraydad4113d ago

Some cool cross promotion potential if Earnhardt does go and use number 3 next year..

gogators4113d ago

the number 3 in Nascar is retired.

kspraydad4113d ago

As reccently as May 17 2007 Dale Jr., on his official blog, said...

"If and when that day comes that I drive the 3 car, it will be for the right reasons. And I better have earned that right." may be 'retired' but Dale Jr retains the right to use that number if he wishes.


TripleTags4113d ago

Nice job getting that deal, Sony.

G4L4113d ago

Now we just have to get a good Nascar game on the PS3 and were all set. I can see it now black car with chrome trim!

akaFullMetal4113d ago

sell ps3's to nascar fans hopefully

Bill Gates4113d ago

SONY is in a whole different level with the PS3 than they were with the PS2.

I'm very impressed. It seems that with every announcement they make, they're gaining mass appeal.

FordGTGuy4113d ago

its an entirely other thing be blind to the negative observations.

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The story is too old to be commented.