New CoD 4 Details

Some new details on Call of Duty 4 from PSM.

* The game will run at 60 FPS
* Certain types of ammo can go thought walls
* You can get bling for you weapons, like a golden AK-47
* The game will have a combo system, as you do certain things, you get rewards such as a minimap

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God of Gaming3900d ago

I just want them to confirm online co-op and a party like sytem for multiplayer.. they have hinted at it and if they do put that in... COD4 will rule my world.

Crazyglues3900d ago

That's he best news ever, 60 fps is always a good sign, what would be a better sign would be 1080p but I won't hold my breath...LoL

The game already looks amazing and I think they will have that online co-op because that would just make the game Awesome.

Capt InsaneO3900d ago

I agree GOG and I am anticipating this as much as Halo. Go Infinity Ward!!

solidt123900d ago

This game wil be great. I hope they just focus on 720p 60fps and make a great game.

TheMART3899d ago

I thought you Sony fans only play games on 1080p???

WHat's this, the 720p Sweet spot that MS is talking about since the start of this gen consoles???

highps33899d ago

How about you go play a game.. Seriously you talk about games like you play them all the time...


Go play a game twat.

pwnsause3900d ago

after watching that video, Im more convinced that Killzone 2 is actually possible, I mean, COD4 running at 60 frames a second with that level of detail where so much stuff is going on on the screen at the same time?

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The story is too old to be commented.