UFC President Dana White Says EA Sports Sucks

LAS VEGAS -- THQ teamed up with UFC to unveil the cover athlete for UFC 2010 Undisputed at Mandalay Bay before the big UFC Relentless fight. UFC President Dana White, the man behind Ultimate Fighting Championship, was on hand to talk about the new game, why Brock Lesner is perfect for the cover of the new game, and why EA Sports sucks in this exclusive interview.

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elcompa4253230d ago

video doesn't work...

Oh well, I'm sure w.e he says is full of garbage. I can't stand DW....idk why, but I just dislike that SOB.

Blaze9293230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

EA completely dissed the idea of a UFC game and went as far as saying MMA isn't a real sport. So since EA turned him down he went to THQ. Now EA sees how successful 2009 Undisputed was and they go and announce a MMA game.

So I see where Dana is coming from. If I were him, I'd be trash talking EA as well. This is a situation where EA clearly doesn't care about the sport but instead the potential revenue.

Now the SAD part in all this is that EA will probably put put a better game...

The_Nameless_One3230d ago

Why would they not care about the revenues? Do you think EA are in this business for the fun of it. It's all about the revenues.

evrfighter3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

you make a point nameless one. But would you agree that Dana White is cleared to say these things about EA Sports?

I sure as heck would think so. Imo Dana White is on a power trip but I totally get why he dislikes EA Sports.

and EA Sports does suck.

MasFlowKiller3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

EA Sports does suck they only have one good game and thats FiFa and it took then almost 10 years to get it to where it is today.

The_Nameless_One3230d ago

yes he can say what he wants. Should come as no surprise he would say that after they rejected him and insulted a sport he feels very passionately about. I bet EA are kicking themselves for this one too. I wonder if his rejection was before the Riccitiello years because seeing how he [Riccitiello] likes to take chances on new ip's I don't think he would have rejected him so fast. I don't it was because I'm sure that if Riccitiello was in charge then he would have jumped on that opportunity. The other thing is that I wonder if White is suffering from rejection since EA was his first choice.

Cueil3230d ago

EA isn't didn't do a 180... they simply got a person in charge who has some common effing sense

BattleAxe3230d ago

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a great example of why EA sports kinda sucks. They come out with almost the exact same game every year with the smallest possible changes to the game.

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zack613230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

There's no sound.

sabestar3230d ago

He is the only man I know with the name Dana. It just feels weird. Dana is a girls name usually. hehe.

Anyhow, as a person, I also don't like him much.

Max Power3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

name was Dana. While it is more popular as a girls name, it can be given to males along with Casey, Kelly, and Aaron.

multipayer3230d ago

I think casey and aaron would make better dyke names.. "sucks" is a great name for EA anyway.

Nuclearwinter3230d ago

You've never heard of comedians Dana Carvey ( SNL, Wayne's World) or Dana Gould

3230d ago
cereal_killa3230d ago

That guy named Dana makes more money in 1 night than you make in a life time so who's really laughing?

Lookbehind3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

I do'nt think if this dude was standing face to face with you guys,you would be sayin shlt..................

ZBlacktt3230d ago

He's a little bi*ch. He's still crying over money. He had a deal not go through with EA like last year. Then EA went in a new direction with it's own MMA. So he's been crying about it ever since.... Guy sucks. Just the rigth time right place when he started UFC.

dgroundwater3230d ago

Yeah isn't that the truth

ITT: Internet toughguys.

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