10 Minutes Ingame Footage of Bioshock 2

E4G: Someone on the beloved YouTube site has uploaded some ingame footage of Bioshock 2.

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Megaton3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

That's low. E4G reports the user who originally posted this vid cause he directly linked to YouTube, then swoops up the video to post on his site, adds a sentence, and resubmits.

dkblackhawk503148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

If you are going to get mad about that, then you need to get a life. It is not the end of the world...

EDIT: I am not going to deal with you anymore...

Megaton3148d ago

Mad? End of the world? Simply pointing out that you're a dirty little weasel, stealing things for your site from other submissions you actively try to squash.

-MD-3148d ago

Wow that's pathetic.

SilentNegotiator3148d ago

Reporting other persons' findings and arguing on N4G.

kaveti66163148d ago

Argh. Video has been removed by user. E4G, you're a dirty, dirty, man.

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DanCrabtree3148d ago

I'm just pissed cause I'd rather play those ten minutes than watch them. Granted that means I can just not watch the video, but its just so tempting.

OlvaR3148d ago

tempting...but i can wait 2 more days :P

Chnswdchldrn3148d ago

its already out for some, and then again he could be a pirate

nogolis3148d ago

Bio shock is the kinda series you'd rather take a healthy $hit than play through... Like, if someone was playing Bio Shock 2 I'd rather go take a $hit than sit through it. I think this is one of the worst games ever created.

Convuluded story. Lame gameplay that ran way too fast and choppy. Lousy aiming. Lousy graphics. Lousy setting. Lousy, lousy, lousy and lousy.

Bio Flop blows massive goat C*ck.

BreakNeckSpeed3148d ago

Its spelled "convoluted"

You just can't appreciate a good story. Go back to playing MW2!

MerkinMax3148d ago

Bioshock does have a deep story. How could you
even compare MW2 and Bioshock's story?

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