New Video of Folklore

Here is a new video of folklore. Enjoy

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Circa244196d ago

This game looks like so much fun....

achira4196d ago

this game looks damn good. is this in game ? wow.

harpua4196d ago

i generally hate rpgs, but this looks very cool.

boi4196d ago the demo and u see how good it is :)

very good lol

Firewire4196d ago

yeah, this game looks awesome!
should be a system seller in Japan.

nextgengaming184196d ago

This game is going to get around 30k first week. Not a system seller in japan. Hot shot golf, and my summer vacation are. This game will get at best 100,000.

ash_divine4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

don't underestimate this game
RPG + Japan = you do the math.
stop trying so hard to make this game look bad.

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