Middle East avoids Dante's Inferno

It's officially official, Dante's Inferno is not being released in the Middle East. In a statement that surprises absolutely no one, EA announced that, "Electronic Arts has decided not to release Dante's Inferno in the Middle East after an evaluation process which is based on consumer tastes, preferences, platform mix and other factors."

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DelbertGrady3205d ago

"In fact, this region is so sensitive to such topics that God of War is also banned over here just because it has the word ‘God’ in the title, despite being based on Greek mythology!"


Marcus Fenix3205d ago

yes we have a very different demographic than the west and I see nothing wrong with that coz simply we r not westerns, I knew that this game was gonna get banned here in Saudi Arabia and thankfully im not intersted in getting the game in the 1st place (gameplay reasons, not religious ones), but if we're going 2 knock each others with "Jeez" kinda comments, I can tell u many things that I've reacted 2 in the same way that exist in the west, a muslim with a beard is uaually being starred at like a terrorist who's gonna blow himself up @ any moment, so lets just keep it @ that mate :)

DelbertGrady3205d ago

Everyone who stands out gets more attention. Doesn't matter if it's a muslim with a beard, someone with lots of tattoos or someone that's very overweight. I bet a blonde Scandinavian dude in Bahrain would gather lots of attention too.

Banning entertainment like games, movies and music is something I will never agree on though. I'm all for diversity and democracy.

captain-obvious3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

that is true
and im speaking as a guy that lives in that spot
but i still manage to get my copies of both GOW3 and DI
banning in here is a joke
retailers still manage to sell those games

heck they sell Modded 360's and PS2 and Wii's along side with th PSP and the Go and any other moded console known to man kind
except the PS3

Shane Kim3205d ago

Agreeing with Soda. Why not let those who want it, buy it and vice versa.

dragunrising3205d ago

The problem with the Middle East isn't a cultural issue but a religious one. Universal human rights have no meaning in any muslim dominated country. Womens rights, Gay/lesbian rights, freedom of speech/expression and religion are suppressed. Visit Saudi Arabia and you will see what I mean. The women must be covered head to toe and are not allowed to be seen in public. There is not a Church to be found...why? They don't allow them. Gay people? They hide, otherwise they would be flogged. This isn't my opinion but FACT.

Video games are barely tolerated as is. I'm not surprised. If you would like to know more about the *cough* topic, let me know. Knowledge is power.

Rock Bottom3205d ago

Guess what, I have played every GoW game, Bayoneta, Darksider and I might pick Dante's Inferno(if I find the time to play it) and GoW3 soon...

Oh! and I live in the Middle East. Just like what the article said "banning a game has never stopped anyone from playing it if they really want to"

Also, I believe GoW was not banned here because it had the word "God" in the title but because of the nudity(God Hand wasn't banned), but I can be wrong, authorities over here tend to be retarded... most of the time.

Wolf8733205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Things are like that there, which is against some beliefs in Islamic system, that is suppression of rights: but that is applicable under different circumstances. Women are to be permitted outside but with a man of the house or someone closely related to them, though no one follows that rule. Women wearing head-covers is a rule in the Islamic system and not something forced by government, although country(s) makes it a rule within their own system. They can choose not to wear it, however, in that case those women won't be regarded as true believers. Gays/Lesbianism is actually not permitted in Islam, as it's viewed very differently and overall goes against natural way of life. Freedom of speech, well it's not exactly forbidden, but one has to take into account how far one actually goes using "freedom of speech" as a reasoning to insult someone? With freedom also comes some responsibility and respect towards others and their beliefs, and how you speak your mind about something that's too different than what you believe in is a risky business.

Banning a game or movie would not make much of a difference as people always manage to sneak things in, so in the end it will come down to individual choices. In light of this, I think it'd be mature of us to not base our comments out of our own ideologies, west and mid-east are different.

Rock Bottom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

You said so yourself, knowledge is power, so allow me to add this and(please) accept it as more "knowledge".

KSA isn't the only Arab Muslim country in the middle east, there are also Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria(and some more), and guess what? In each and every country of those women aren't forced to cover themselves head to toe, you can find churches and there are places where you can buy alcohols freely.

Sure, none of those things can be found in KSA and here's why:

The government there belongs to an Islamic denomination called Wahhabism, now where have you heard that name before?...
It's the same denomination that Osama Bin Lahden belongs to, same goes for the people who are responsible for the suicide bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Basically, it's what gives Islam a bad name. They are pretty extreme in(literally) everything, add that to a more than usual stupidity and you get a pretty clear idea of what Wahhabism is.

gaffyh3205d ago

This is normal in the Middle East, lots of stuff is banned or censored for religious reasons. For example, when I stayed in Egypt, Home Alone 2 was on and they deleted the part where he goes to the Christmas Tree and prays (to God, but looks like he's doing it to the xmas tree).

Anyone that really wants the game will be able to get it, but it is too blasphemous to release as it is, and it has got a lot of nudity (same with GOW) and because it depicts crusaders, I'd expect that is doubly offensive.

jellybalboa3205d ago

this is the first time on n4g i am seeing people comment on a religious issue,

my thoughts on this as a muslim is all the muslim countries should boykott this game, not because of its version of hell or the afterlight, no, but people should read the poem that the game is based on, and dante the author of the poem the SOB MF wrote about what he saw in hell ,(check it out on wikipedia),as a muslim you will be seriously disgusted, and many scholars of the old age have said dante himself based the poem on the prophet of islam when he travelled through hell and heaven and to the throne of the almighty with the arch angel Gibraeel a.s. i would have continued with this comment but i have to go............................ ...people waiting

anti-gamer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Saudia (KSA) Islamic denomination is not Wahhabism it call al-hanbaly.

Osama Bin Lahden have his own denomination that he wanted to force his denomination in KSA and in other islamic country but he get banded from KSA by the government.

and Wahhabism is term funded by J.W. bows to find a reason to heat KSA, And most moron arab believed it.

Osama Bin Lahden his denomination is Different from KSA government denomination.

The Killer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

u r funny but not!!

show me where you find a Mosque in the Vatican and i will show you where there is a church in Saudi Arabia!!

Islam allows what is good and banns what is bad!! the choice should not be given to do bad things or else u will see many bad things and the west is full of it!!

to know the true islam watch this:

to know some of the miracles of Quran read this:

21:30 - big bang
25:61 - light of the moon from the sun(reflected/borrowed light )
21:33 - the sun and moon rotates around their own sixaxis
51:47 - the universe is expanding
21:32 - the sky protection roof of the earth
41:11 - Only islam claims the universe originated from dust and hot gas or smoke
55:37 - cats's eyes Nebula the color and shape when a star explodes
36:38 - the sun run around its own orbit(its moving very fast)
51:7 - the universe full of paths and orbits
57:25 - god sent down iron, it was not originally from earth


53:45-46 - sex of the baby determined by the male sperm
96:2-3 - God created man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood(alaq)
23:14 - developing of embrio stages in the womb and developepment of human after the bones is covered with flesh(so human can survive from that stage(24 weeks or older) but only with the latest techniques which didnt exist in 7th century )
32:8 - god made human from 1 sperm out of the millions
76:2 - the mixing of sprem and ovum until one sperm succeed
80:19-20 - created new human from a zygote and imidiately plant and programed him/her, made his path easier, so made the mother's internal tissues be more looser close to giving birth time.(Dr Emeritus Keith L. Moore, Professor of Antomy and Cell Biology at university of toronto/canada)

And more

27:61 55:18-20 - solty water meet but never mixed with sweet water and there is a barrier between them
75:3-4 - quran talked about the finger prints
10:61 - the atom is not the smallest entity in existed
15:22 - the first stage of forming the rain is wind (wind form rain not just moves clouds)
21:31 - the mountains is embedded on earth so that it will not move under them
78:6-7 - the earth as bed and the mountains its pegs
27:88 - the continents moves like clouds
2:29 - god made earth sky with seven layers
41:11-12 - in 2 days made the 7 heavens/skies/atmostphere
43:11 - same amount of water drops from the sky as it vaporize from the land water(16,000,000 ton/seconds drops and vaporixe at same time), every year the same amount of rains drops.
2:223 - Your wives are as a tilth unto you, refering for sexual intercourse, plowing and implementation of the blastosis, sawing of the seed on earth.
17:85 - And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little
2:222 - having sex while women having her period is harmful to both partner
29:20 - walk through earth and see how god made his creation, refering to the signs made on the mountains which gives earth some of its history
79:31 - from volcainos the earth got its water and atmosphere (this is one of the meanings of this verse according to scientist).
86:12 - near judgement time and the earth quakes which will accur
13:41 - god gradually reducing the continents
in hadith in saheeh muslim, prophet mohamed state that the arabia areas will RETURN to be again green and full of


SoX FireBlade3205d ago

Well I live in Saudi Arabia

God of war was banned because they thought that you make Kratos fight with Allah but it's not but they will ban it for Nudity same goes to GTA it's banned because of Nudity

about Dark siders it's not banned here but I'm sure they will not accept DI

Firstly, the game is in Hell and Hell is not like that. Secondly, I heard it from a friend that the book that is based in the game says that Dante will kill prophet Mohammed and some big names in Islam will be shown in the game

and from what I know that the writer hates Islam not sure about this one

well the games that get banned are few and we can get them from Amazon or something it's not a big deal. I won't buy GoW 3 because of my siblings although I would love to play the game.

After I heard about DI I didn't get excited about anymore but I played the demo and didn't like that much. I thought it would much better. So, it's not a waste I guess

Rock Bottom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

First of all, the term Wahhabism was used since the 18th century after Mohamed Abd-al-Wahhab.

KSA's governments denomination may not be Wahhabism. but the political pact between Aal-Saud and the Wahhabists is no secret, Wahhabists helped Aal-Saud to the throne, in exchange, the kingdom's oil wealth was used to export a radical Wahhabist ideology across the globe.

Wahhabists also have dominance over "Al-Hayaa" which is responsible for forcing Islamic beliefs(or Wahhabism to be more clearly) on the Kingdom's citizens. And that's results in forcing women to cover up the way they do, among other things.

Also, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait all belong al-hanbaly denomination, but you don't see those ridiculous rules there, mainly because Whahhabists don't have as big a hand in the governments.

justpassinggas3205d ago

Women are not "forced to cover up from head to toe" as some have been saying. Go to Saudi Arabia and you'll find that the non-Muslim women only have to wear a black cloak that covers their body but leaves their entire head bare. They don't have to cover their hair or face.

As for the guy crying "WAHHABISM WA WA", tell me, what exactly are the derivations of these rules being applied in Saudi Arabia? The majority of the Muslim world's problem has nothing to do with the jurisprudence of Wahhabism but its intolerance to difference of opinion. Many non-Wahhabis support full veiling of women and I haven't heard of a single Muslim scholar, Wahhabi or otherwise, saying that it is perfectly fine for Muslim women to go out alone without a mahram.

Yes, women are not permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia and I find it ridiculous as well (and majority of Muslim scholars do as well) but have you actually looked at the original fatwa about it to come to your "opinion" about WAAAAAAAAAAAAAhabism?

Rock Bottom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I don't want to go any deeper through this, and I haven't said anything about "women driving" fatwa, but since you brought it up, than I have to say this:

Yes, I do know about that fatwa and who came up with it, it's Abd Al-Azize Bin Abd-Alah(Bin Bazz), and YES! again, he was a Wahhabist with a closed mind, he even had a fatwa stating that it's forbidden to wear a seat-belt while driving because that would prevents fate. That's one of the men who set the rules that KSA's government still enforce to this day.

As for the "mahram" thing, you obviously haven't heard enough. There are some who state that it's alright for women to even go overboard without mahram. That's why you see a lot of Hijab wearing women in western universities.

dragunrising3205d ago

I understand Saudi Arabia is not the only Middle Eastern country. Not my point.

You don't even try to deny my accusations of human rights abuses in the religion as a whole; you might as well tell me I'm right. Churches are allowed in the Middle East? Only if they have a permit and the Muslim population in the area vote for its construction. There are more mosques in Paris than Churches in all of Saudi Arabia. Kinda suspicious? Explain the numerous Church burnings in Egypt please. What other religions do this? Find me one source on the contrary and I will find you one hundred that validate my claim.

Also, perhaps you could explain to N4G what "Sharia" is all about.

@ The Killer- did you copy and paste all of that? If not, your only proving to me that Islamic supremisism is alive and well. You would have everyone believe that Islam is the source of all scientific achievement. News flash- not true my friend. I could go through each one of your points, but I would be wasting my time. Ignorance is still ignorance no matter how you present it.

ArabianKnight3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

One word , Study islam not muslims

The Killer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

show me one mosque in the Vatican country or else zip it and dont bring the topic of Saudi banning churches!!

and ohh please disprove just 1 miracle of the Koran if u got even 1 ball let alone 2 balls!! and be sure if u disprove a single miracle then you would be disproving great scientist and scholars that achieved for humanity so many great things to be belittled by someone like u!!

and for your info! muslims have to get permissions to build mosques in europe and thats the case at least in Hungary and some Scandinavian countries!! and am sure its everywhere in europe too!!

and in sweaden they dont even have the right to build mosques in the islamic way!!! at least when muslims let the christians build churches then let them build it the way they wanted!!

anti-gamer3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

you are a moron to believe that, Mohamed Abed-al-Wahhab is the man how pull out the error in islam in KSA his denomination was al-hanbaly.

And UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait denomination is al-hanbaly and dont do what KSA is doing that Depends on the level of the rigorism of each country government, such as some women in UAE, Bahrain or Kuwait like to cover they whole budy and some dont some men like to Leave his Beard and some not depends on they level of Religious. And KSA government more Religious than UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait.

anti-islamc government have feeding arab bulls**t to bring heat betwen islam and the moron believe.

if osama denomination is like KSA denomination why did he got banded from KSA, And why he Attacking the KSA, And why did he suppurt al-huthyn for attcking KSA. He doing thes becuas he have his own denomination and he trid to furce it in KSA and he filled and know he tring to Build his own country to furce what he blieve in and he whant his new country to have makkh and al maddina.

and if you go to KSA they dont furce every one thy Recommended you to fix you error, And women have to cover all her budy whith black clothes only her face and hand is ok but most women cover her face becuas it becom habits.

and if KSA furce they beleive to citizens you well see peapol in KSA are high Religious they are lots of gay peapol in KSA and they fwe shemale if you look for them and they are lots of peapol celebrating Xmas and valintime. Why they didnt got banded, becuas that is a proof that KSA is diffrent than osama denomination.

anti-gamer3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Mohamed Abd-al-Wahhab died in 1791, And al-saud build the KSA in 1898-1899,That is 107 years, So how did he support al-saud?

AL-suad had been supported by kuawit and some Sources sad he had support from UK as well.
read abut Mohamed Abd-al-Wahhab and befor you act like moron and beleive what bulls**t you read do some Research.

anti-gamer3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

So fixing incorrec information is cring. the one who cring is you.

and like what I sad the Depends on the level of Religious and how to see it, Some religious sad is ok to women drive, and some sad is not.

and the reall reason becaus the reat of Sexual harassment is high, and many ppl dont whant they daughter or ther women to drive.

and ther are many Places in KSA for women ok to drive Depends on the reat of Sexual harassment and Acceptetion of the ppl, such as in wady aldwaer, al thmamh or some places in aser is ok for women to drive becaus of there is no one think of Sexual harassment.

justpassinggas3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Brother, you misunderstand. I am saying that people who say "WAHHABI EVIL BAD TERRORIST" etc are idiots. I'm not a "Salafi" or "Wahhabi" but I respect the ulama of Saudi Arabia. I don't agree with the issue about women driving but I agree 100% on many issues with them.

As for RockBottom:
Please, provide evidence from Qur'an, Sunnah, and (here's something), IJMA' that supports your idiotic claim that women should be allowed to go out without a mahram. The reason we see so many Muslim women without a mahram in the West is due to ignorance of Islam. In Islam, a woman may travel a maximum of 3 days length (approximately 77 to 88 kilometres) from her mahram or home without a mahram. Any more than that is HARAAM in Islam. Bring me a single shred of proof about your claim from classical scholars (you know, the ones from the four schools of thought, as well as when the claim of Ijma' was made or any proof from the sunnah or the Qur'an). You won't be able to find any.

In Islam, a woman must be accompanied by a mahram for her safety. It is only an extreme minority that says otherwise (how ironic that it is usually this extreme minority that cries "WAHHABIS! KAFIR!" over the wrong reasons). Funnily enough, this "modernist"/"pr ogressive" minority came even LATER than the Wahhabis! And it is a greater fitnah because it sugar-coats itself. At least the "Wahhabis" are honest and do not deceive, unlike "modernists" and "progressive Muslims".

Here's a hint:
The major disagreement between the "Wahhabis" or "Salafis" and the majority of Sunnis is a matter of aqida, NOT fiqh. We disagree with the Salafis on some matters of aqida and it is on their deviation from the aqida of the Ahlus Sunnah that we criticize them. We do not attack them on jurisprudence, ESPECIALLY when the usool of their fiqh is similar to the Hanbali fiqh. Now if they deviate from this, we do take them to task (for example, the famous "Salafi"/"Wahha bi", Shaykh Nasiruddeen Al-Albani said the niqab was a bid'ah and not only the other "Wahhabi"/"Sala fis", but many scholars who follow the four madhahib criticized him).

I also warn you about lying about the dead. Shaykh bin Baaz (rah) was a "Salafi" shaykh, yes, and thus was not from any of the four madhahib and cannot be considered a Sunni based on his aqida but he did not say an idiotic thing like not wearing seatbelts because it "prevented fate". First of all, fate cannot be prevented. What Allah has set for us WILL happen. We cannot do anything. Second of all, everyone and their uncle has heard the famous hadeeth where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reprimanded a guy and told him to tie his camel when he said he did not do so because he said he left it to Allah. The Prophet (pbuh) told him to tie the camel and then put his faith in Allah that the camel would not wander or be stolen. It applies to driving, too. If death is written in your taqdeer, no seat belt will save you.

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DelbertGrady3205d ago

But it's fine and dandy to kill your sister if she has male friends.

rekonizakilla3205d ago

Not every muslim kills their sister for speaking to men dude.
Just like not every American fights illegal wars in foreign countries
in the name of peace.

tdrules3205d ago

But it's fine and dandy to not have Public Healthcare ;D

dragunrising3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Your statement is comparing apples to oranges. How can you compare a government to religion? Faulty logic. Also, it almost seems as though your trying to justify the act.

Soda is referring to "honor killing." It usually involves daughters disgracing the family by having premarital sex thereby giving the parents the right to kill the daughter.

Not every muslim kills their sister or daughter for talking to boys, however it is common enough. Even the legal system in the Middle East accommodates those guilty of the crime. 2 years at most for murder is not uncommon.

DelbertGrady3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

We have that were I'm from. Actually, we were one of the first countries in the world to legislate it.

@blindfromthesun - Exactly. I wasn't saying everyone does it, I just found it ironic coming from people who represent a religion that says it's ok for a man to cover up his wife in sheets and beat her if she doesn't obey his will.

Hakimy3205d ago

"honor killing" has to do with traditions,not religion.just like taking revenge,it's common and some find it appropriate though islam fights it.those acts are part of traditions and people try to stop it but the problem is that governments have strong ties with tribes who will make uproar if these acts were to's the traditions and tribes effect which is making things worse in the middle east.islam said "no for tribal" but what can you do when people are that stubborn there? :P

rekonizakilla3205d ago

I didn't jump from banned games to honour killings. It's like the word muslim or middle east gets mentioned, and people come out with these (true but very rare)stories.
@ blindfromthesun -I do not have to explain to anyone that I disagree with murder, it kinda goes without saying.

DelbertGrady3205d ago

How come we never hear about those "traditions" outside of islamic countries. Things like mutilating young womens vaginas, stoning gay people to death etc.

Hakimy3205d ago

maybe because you don't read and you just focus on anything negative in the middle east to say bad things about islam? I'm not religious but I don't like the fact that you show hate for a certain religion without actually reading properly about it.and if you didn't hear about bad traditions in other countries then here is one for can thank me later :P

The Killer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

does any body even care to know 1.5 billion people religion?

if so then watch this video, it put it all in a nice words and clear!


i see u r very informed and well educated to know about these things! i see u close to the islamic teachings! i really hope one day the guidance from Allah comes to you!

for the rest above with 1 exception, you should listen to what Hakimy have just said!!

muslims around the world living in bad situations because they are not doing what islam telling them to do anymore!! if we go back and do what our teachings tells us to do then we will be the savior of the planet and whose who live within it!! just like from the 6th century till 16th century!

but you guys are so blinded and simply love your way of anti god life which u all will pay for it dearly in this life and after if you die the way u r!

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Hakimy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

the game might get there but not in the legal way.GOW2 was banned but everyone played it there so no worries.this news is about the official release.I'll ask others to confirm this and about darksiders ;)

Edit: just like what I expected,GOW collection and Darksiders are available in the middle east markets as well as the other supposedly "banned" games ;)
btw is it funny that some people attack japanese games,yet western games are the ones getting banned? and not just in the middle east but in australia,germany,etc... ;)

militant073205d ago

Deserves it,

i think EA is doing that, because everyones here knew that its inspired by a book insulted islam!

captain-obvious3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

how dose DI insults Islam ?
im a Muslim
and im getting it day one along with GOW3 and im a collector of all GOW games
you should learn not to take game so seriously

after re-reading you cooment
yes i agree and i know the facts about it all
but its still a game no more no less

@ below
yes i did

but you guys are taking things so seriously
look at or TV channels here in the ME its worst that those games
and by the way its not you that judge who's a good Muslim or not

tdrules3205d ago

youre not a very good Muslim.
heard of the Crusades?

The Killer3205d ago

however to the people, a good muslim will be seen from his/her actions!! because thats what we see as humans!! we cant go dive in someone's soul!!

but i think playing or doing anything which is against the teaching of islam should be forbidden!!

i played GOW but now that i think of it, it can be a bad thing i did!! however the God of non muslims is different than Allah!! they use the term God as something simply very powerful!! it can be a human with some super powers and they will call him a god!!

so am not sure if the case of GOW should be forbidden or not!! but if they meant it as The God who is the creator than it definitely should be forbidden!!

as for DI well, its clear that all the game is full of blasphemy at least for muslims so we shouldnt play it!!

badz1493204d ago

I just regarded it as a story about powerful beings in myths (like any other games!) - nothing more! sure, the phrase "god" is used extensively in the game but I personally take the word "god" =/= Allah! Allah is the word on itself to represent the Almighty and should never be used for anything else! although the part


where Kratos overcame death and escaped from the underworld in both games got me feeling uneasy for obvious reason

**end spoiler**

I think I should just let it be a game and not more than that! as for DI, I don't know! but if they put the offensive content in, I'll pass on it forever! that's the least I can do as a Muslim gamer!

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