Lens of Truth: Tecmo Super Bowl Retro Review

Lens of Truth writes - "Anyone who owned an NES and enjoys the great game of Football knows what the Tecmo Bowl series is all about. Football…and having a great time! The original two NES Tecmo Bowls were monumental in their release for including the names of real NFL Teams and Players. For its 16-bit entry Tecmo got to use the power the SNES to create the ultimate Football game…or did they? Find out in this "Super Sunday" retro Review."

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ArthurLee3235d ago

Awesome Football game, one of the best for sure.

stealyrface3235d ago

Wasn't a remake of TSB supposed to be released for WiiWare soon? Been looking forawrd to that, where is it!?

Shogun Master3235d ago

I believe it was scrapped due to licensing issues. When Tecmo Bowl was released for the Virtual Console a few years back it did not include real player names. EA own those now...

Joe Bomb3235d ago

I think TB also came out with Tecmo Aracde Classics for Xbox Live Arcade last summer. Are players names missing in that one as well? If they are that would be prett $hitty.

Baron793235d ago

I think EA owns everything now! They are the only company left who could use NFL and NFLPA names and logos. MONOPOLIZATION at its best!

Soul Train3235d ago

a better Football series in every way!

RudeSole Devil3235d ago

Your an idiot Soul Train. TSB's fun factor can't be matched. Go spend $64 on a new madden every year for the exact same experience over and over again.

Armyntt3235d ago

Hard to compare the two. The fun factor is opinion based not a fact. Its apples to oranges. If u were to release TSB with updated rosters it would be cool again for a few games but Madden has more replay value. And to Rudesole if you dont like it great but just because you dont doesnt make it a bad game. Because the sales prove otherwise with you that there is millions that love it. Dont hate a game just because you dont like it or the strategy involved is too much for you.

evildeli3235d ago

The tecmo series are still the best football games. Madden throws too many features in and makes it so technical, it just isn't fun. Tecmo streamlined all the gameplay let you focus more on having fun.

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Joe Bomb3235d ago

My favorite Foozball game ever, just awesome.

Soul Train3235d ago

Madden is the best footabll series ever - case closed.