Wii is successful outside first-party hits

Satoru Iwata, current president and CEO of Nintendo, gave a briefing to investors in Japan on January 29th, and had a lot to say about the future of Nintendo. Among those was his response to allegations that the Nintendo Wii isn't a console friendly for third party developers, at least not to the extent that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been.

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Gr813203d ago

Will of course be ignored.

ChickeyCantor3203d ago

Well just because we have proof doesn't mean its true.
They used blue instead of green, so there they are false.

eagle213203d ago

Just got every star coin in New Super Mario Bros. Wii including World 9. Good times. :)

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago

People claimed Nintendo were fudging numbers by excluding Modern Warfare 2 but when you think about it they're ignoring one game that surpassed ten million on the HD consoles but by removing Nintendo you ignore at least three games that sold over ten million(how much did MK Wii sell last year as well?), ignoring Sony's and MS' first party titles doesn't change the amount of ten million sellers though.

eagle213203d ago

The Wii easily won. I don't want to even quote the actual numbers, it's on google and vgchartz (article). lol

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Yer, the point is that it's convenient to say "ignore first party" but if you said "ignore the big hits" then on the HD consoles you'd be ingoring Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed and GTA whilst on the Wii you'd be ignoring Nintendo's franchises.

I wonder what sales would look like then.

@V: Oh, I know. The Wii had the highest, but that wasn't really what I was talking about.

eagle213203d ago

The totals I'm talking about included every game published on every system in 2009 whether third or first party. :)

asdr3wsfas3202d ago

Heavy Rain's appeal is the ultimate example of the movie gaming point though. It sacrifices more gameplay for story, plot, dialogue, and cutscenes. You do need more examples to make the point but that is the best single example he could have posted in the interests of time.

However, MGS4, Uncharted 2, Heavenly Sword, Lair, etcetc all strive for the same goal. Lots of cutscenes, dialogue, story and plot that detract from the time spent playing the game. I mean there's fighting and shooting but also lots of interruptions in it and much of the user input is just the player running to the next big area with enemies. If you compare the amount of input in these games to one like SF4 or Bubble Bobble the point is clearer. You control your character more often and for longer in the latter titles.

Basically in some games the story *primarily but not exclusively* motivates the player, like MGS4. In others the story is minimal or essentially non-existent, like Bubble Bobble and SF4. That's the difference between a movie game and these other titles.

Did you play Heavenly Sword and see the laid over dialogue during some of the fighting scenes a la Billy Jean? I'm trying to kill dudes here, not listen to some evil bird cackle at his minions to kill me.

The best test is whether you want to replay the game after beating it. My bro loved UC2 and couldn't play through it again. How many times do most people beat SF4 or bubble bobble?

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Hakimy3203d ago

They should have mentioned these games or at least the top 10 selling games for the wii but I think there is a reason why they didn't mention these games.I think they follow a certain genre which attracts wii buyers besides SE games so no, developers need more to be convinced.look at this chart,look at 3rd party games,notice their type and genre and you will know what I mean ;)

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago

Look at the 360 one: how high that pile of poop Kung Fu Panda is at over 3 million sold.

A lot of the same titles pop up like the Lego games, and the list you posted contains Platformers, Rhythm, Shooters(including an M rated one), Survival Horror, Sports, Lifestyle, Action/Adventure, party and fighting games. Wait, that's what you meant isn't it? And by type do you mean games with actual ad campaigns? because they tend to sell elsewhere as well.

Smacktard3203d ago

It may be a movie game, but it has a respectable score of 75 of metacritic. I wouldn't exactly call it a piece of crap. It's especially high for a movie game.

Hakimy3203d ago

*sighs* I ask everyone to look at these games.they appeal to certain audience.I'm not saying wii is bad,my family has it and I like its idea and I think its revolutionary and a smart idea from nintendo,but it isn't the system for games like MGS4,uncharted2,Mass effect 2,gears of war,etc... ;)

Seferoth753203d ago

Wait... You want other console exclusives on the Wii and its an issue for you but you are not upset about games like NMH being Wii exclusive?

What exactly is your point exactly? First you point out the top 10 which is first party and ask why they didnt bring that up when its about 3rd party games only to respond later about how other console exclusives are not on the console and that is some how wrong and proves 3rd party games do not sale on Wii?

Hakimy3203d ago

-_-" I am talking about the type of games!

N4g_null3203d ago

Devs don't need more to be convinced some just don't have the talent to make games on the wii period. I mean keep repeating the same things.

Dynamic slash along with red steel2 are going to be some great times on the wii.

Also maybe Sony exclusives are on the wrong system also? They should make more movie games like heavy rain lol. Just admit you don't like the games on the wii and move on because I don't like the games on the hd systems ethier. There a bunch of gimicks and hype vechicles.

ZoidsRaven3203d ago

I like the point you made about Heavy Rain. Which I'd like to say something about the game and people hyping it.

I see people hyping this movie and saying things like it should get Game of the Year. This is odd because I struggle to find real gameplay of this game, all I see is a cut scene longer than it needs to be.
The funny thing about this is, these are the same "gamers" calling games like Wiisports gimmicks. Even though WiiSports has (real) gameplay and Movie Rain doesn't, but I guess it'll be popular amongst the movie watchers that call themselves gamers nowadays. 7_7

hatchimatchi3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Calling HD fans movie gamers based on Heavy Rain is kinda silly. How many games are out that are similar to HR?

You should've used a different example.

BTW, i do agree about heavy rain, the game looks completely stupid to me. I watched some gameplay footage and all I saw was a mannish looking woman get naked and a guy peeing and shaving.

I think i'll pass.

N4g_null3189d ago

hatchimatchi well do you really need an example ok how aboooouuuuuttttt... MW2, Halo, any other casual game that can easily be beaten by non hard core gamers in less than a week end. There is a reason hard games don't do so well is because most gamers in HD would A rather yell and spam people while other would rather watch blu rays really nothing else explains the fact that sony exclusives dont really sell.

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tunaks13203d ago

no anti-wii trolls are commenting here....
yet they will still pull out the third party sales sh!t out of their a$$es

hatchimatchi3202d ago

One thing i don't understand is that whenever a crap game comes out for the wii and doesn't sell, the wii fanbase here usually says it's a good thing because it shows developers that wii owners aren't sheep and want quality made titles.


When people say that 3rd party titles don't sell on the wii, many of the same people claim that 3rd party titles do sell, similar to that of a "slow burn."

What i'm trying to get at is, does it really matter & if so, what's the point?

Obviously crap games don't sell and we all know that the media plays up the fact that certain games have been made to test the waters of a "mature" audience on the wii. Granted, these games have been mostly garbage as far as i'm concerned. (the conduit, madworld, rail shooter extravaganza, etc.) Posting charts and whatnot is only going to appease the fanboys in most cases and fuel the same arguments that most likely won't ever be settled.

There have been a few headlines recently that claim, "The honeymoon period for the wii is over..." That's completely true because 3rd parties are seeing that crap games don't sell. Now if they choose to stop developing altogether for the wii it becomes a shame, not for the wii owners because it's less garbage to sort through when inside game stores, but a shame on the developers for thinking they can rush crap to market and loot money from unsuspecting gamers. I'm beginning to realize that the wii is a victim of circumstance.

I kinda rambled there but I think you can get the point I was trying to make.

asdr3wsfas3202d ago

The point crappy games don't sell is in response to madworld/Dead Space Extraction style games, which still sell slowly over time and in the case of madworld overwhelmingly led to a profit. Dead Space Extraction broke 200k recently but instead first week sales are cited as an argument.

The second point is that a lot of the games that do sell are ignored or their sales downplayed. Three cod games for wii broke a million. So did RE4 and RE:UC. Boom Blox broke a million as did Da Blob. NMH is cited as a bomb based on early sales but turned out to be a success. There's overlap in the slow selling titles claims as you now see.

The best predictor of which we consider a game is the quality of the game itself and the effort put into it. Dead Space Extraction is crap shoved to wii owners to test the market for a decent game. Madworld is disappointingly short and repetitive. COD is still gimped on wii releases in budget, time, and long delays before before ports but still sells over a million.

Most differences arise from the quality of the games mentioned and the preferences of wii owners. We don't want dumbed down rail shooters. We do like original gameplay like Da Blob and Roomb blox. We enjoy titles with less effort invested like COD because at least we have them, though we're not always happy with the decisions made in development. And if a game is good like NMH and different we like to see it succeed. If the game is mediocre like Madworld we will point out that it didn't do that badly and probably made a profit but that expecting Halo sales from a game that more closely resembles Shadowrun doesn't make sense on any system.

EvilTwin3202d ago

hatch -- I think the point of having a "slow burn" cycle for selling games is that devs/publishers need to adjust their expectations. It's like they're releasing indie movies and expecting Avatar ticket sales. Capcom complained about RE:DC sales, but I doubt they're going to cry about MH:Tri. People just aren't using their heads.

bob -- I'd say that MadWorld was actually more of a spiritual successor to Clover's previous beat 'em up, God Hand.

And that game was no barn burner, sales-wise.

Honestly, this is probably part of the reason I like Wii as much as I do. It gets a lot of really neat games that are considered niche now, but weren't always. I can live without third party AAA as long as Nintendo puts out high caliber first-party stuff in its place.

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