Fallout: New Vegas Scans Feature a Giant Dinosaur

Check out some artwork and screenshots of Fallout: New Vegas in these new scans.


UPDATE: Hey guys, use this link to see the images:

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DavePSU3209d ago

Hey guys -- Sorry if some of you are experiencing errors when clicking on the link. We migrated our database today to a new server and we almost have it fully setup. So if you get a minor error, please check back in a few minutes.

Should be fully functional by then (that's what he said).

Aggesan3209d ago

Still not working. How the migration going?

SilentNegotiator3208d ago

But there are links in comment 3.

socomnick3208d ago

Your website is garbage.

bjornbear3208d ago


wow thats constructive, i'm sure you could build a much better website am i right? -_- palhaço

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Amiroo3209d ago

Wow Dude this game is huge

SilentNegotiator3208d ago

The second link isn't working, but thank you very much for posting these :)

Ether3208d ago

Second link isn't working, can you check it?

Cheers for the scans, though!

bjornbear3208d ago

only 1st link working

still, looks alright but is that an M16?! =O

execution173208d ago

or does everything have better detail in it then FO3

FishCake9T43208d ago

Thanks. Those Geckos remind me of that Dinosaur from Tekken 3.

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thabigboss3208d ago

this game is gonna be awesome.

Obama3208d ago

Its name is Sarah Palin.

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The story is too old to be commented.