Aliens vs Predator Single Player In-Depth Hands On Preview

Just The 3 Of Us - Quote from X360A: "There are certain unwritten laws in the "Gamer's Guide to Gaming" (pending trademark by the way), especially when you're talking about the horror-survival genre. Three of the most important of these conventions as far as this particular genre go are: lights off, curtains closed and crank the bass up to 20. Of course if you're me – which you're obviously not (I hope) – then there is a fourth as well, and that's "no pants," but we don't ask everyone to do that... especially if there are kids around. This week we turned off the lights, drew the curtains in the middle of the afternoon, took off our pants and cranked up the bass, as we went hands on with Aliens vs. Predator's single player campaigns. Three species. Two missions on each. Three totally different experiences."

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DanCrabtree3203d ago

Playing as the marine is definitely the weakest, but is still pretty sweet in the way that you clearly feel hunted.