L.A. Noire First Details Revealed

IGN writes: "In the March 2010 issue of Game Informer (on stands this month), the first real details of L.A. Noire are revealed. Developed by Team Bondi (The Getaway), L.A. Noire is an open-world action-adventure game set in the City of Angels in 1947. Unlike previous Rockstar efforts, L.A. Noire exists in a real city, painstakingly recreated for historical accuracy. Don't expect the "shoot everyone" mentality of a Grand Theft Auto title -- this is something completely different."

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gareno3237d ago

looks good can't wait, too bad it's multiplatform, in other words, not as good as it coulda been

nskinnear3237d ago

I'm glad you can make that judgment based on ZERO gameplay footage or screenshots.

3237d ago
nskinnear3237d ago

That article doesn't mention how GTA IV was limited by the 360. If it was something significant, I might be worried.

3237d ago
jessupj3237d ago

It's a fact that multiplatform games don't perform as well as exclusives on either platform, but more so PS3 exclusives. He's just stating that fact.

But it's rockstar so I'm sure we're all going to enjoy a great game.

nskinnear3237d ago

I read it, but thanks. There is still no mention of how GTA IV being multiplatform specifically affected the game.

Hisiru3237d ago

Yeah, they could simply use 2 or 3 disks for the x360 version.

3237d ago
PoSTedUP3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

no time for a 3D carmen sandiego game sori. : /

Shang-Long3237d ago

got game informer friday with the screen shots....the screen shot do not like great. but ive been pulling for the game ever since it was announced so i hope it turns out good

Hisiru3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

You could install the content in your HD (just like a lot of games).

Also, there are games where you can actually explore every area without switch disks (except if you are playing in the campaign mode but it was made before even in old games like Driver 2 and nobody complained).

Rockstar is a smart developer, if I managed to think about something, they could do better.

If GTAIV is 1 disk that's because they want, not because the x360 is limited.

MerkinMax3237d ago

To be fair you shouldn't leave out part of the quote.

Houser explains that "both have enormous challenges" and that "both have their own particular pleasures and pains".

3237d ago
morganfell3237d ago

Also look at the date of the interview. PS3 development has come a long way since GTA IV with an entirely new development suite.

Besides, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. PS3 exclusives push the envelope farther than any other console titles. Rockstar stated one of the reasons they were looking forward to Agent was they could create a huge unconstrained world.

Hisiru3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

You will realize that there is no real limitations (just excuses) once you read my post, but if you don't have an answer for what I said, that's because you agree with me.

3237d ago
Jamegohanssj53237d ago

I'm not really interested now.


MerkinMax3237d ago

We all know the finest looking games this gen have been on the PS3. Anyone played Heavy Rain Demo yet?, pure eye candy. Just quote the whole thing next time, it will make you look less biased. Just sayin...

Hisiru3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

If it's not simple why are there games with this feature?

Why are there games where you can install the content in your HD?

Why are there old games like Driver 2 that showed that it's possible even on a less capable machine?

The proof that they could do something about this thing exists and I am showing it to you. It's up to you close your eyes or not. : )

As for Star Ocean 4, they could make a better game, but they choose to deliver the game in a single DVD just like Rockstar. It's not something that you can call "limitation" because there is another option. Just take a look at what Squaresoft did in the PS1 days. Squaresoft didn't thought "oooh there is a limitation in this system, I won't develop a better game", they simply brought an incredible Final Fantasy game in 3 CDs.

MAR-TYR-DOM3237d ago

I hope this game turns out well, has some promise




Bodyboarder_VGamer3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

This is a sandbox game made on a DVD... Meh. Let just keep waiting for Agent. That game will not go multiplat and it is being made by the same team of GTAIV. Rockstar North.

PoSTedUP3237d ago

niice, huge sabres fan here. you hear ovelckuck just got traded to the devils? damn I think they will be unstoppable now, YIKES!

Hisiru3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

If a last gen can do it, a next gen can do the same thing, so of course it should be used as a guide for current gen games. Looks like you don't have a good argument.

There are a lot of open world games with 2CDs (I gave you an old game like Driver 2 just to show you that even a less capable machine will give you a good open world game with 2 CDs).

And wooow, not every x360 owner has an HD but there are games with hard drive installation. Is this news for you?

You will jump to the "Rockstar said" argument but you know that there are developers who tried to use the HD, DLCs, 2~3 disks, but you won't accept anything. You actually admitted that there are solutions but you won't accept it just because Rockstar is too lazy to make a game in 2 disks:
"you can show me all the solutions for it you want"

You chose to close your eyes, I see. : )

morganfell3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

No. They can't just "simply" do that. Someone has to bear the cost.

Todd Hollenshead (CEO of Id) has remarked on the issue as well.

Microsoft is unwilling to bear the cost of the 3rd CD. See, it isn't free. They can't just "do it".

Besides, there is this:

Do you really believe those 5 - 6 areas have everything in them they would have had on more disks? Do you think they will look as good? Of course not. Willits is now having to play politics rather than the initial honesty.

Hisiru3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

"Xbox 360--will come on two DVDs"
"Through the game's use of the recently unveiled id Tech 5, which CEO Todd Hollenshead claims will run equally well on any hardware platform"

I don't think that money is a problem for Microsoft, so I couldn't care less. Also, I don't care if it's a bit worse compared to the PS3 version (graphically speaking) because I won't see the difference while I am playing the game, I will just see the difference in those useless comparison videos.

MAR-TYR-DOM3237d ago

yeah they are definitely in contention now, captials vs devils east final, calling it right now

PoSTedUP3237d ago

that's what it's looking like, my sabres aren't too far behind though, hopefully they can pull it through, tied with the penguins right now bc we havent been playing well the last few, watch sportscenter you'll see a crazy highlight/goal from our game tonight, we lost but there is a must see goal in there, nothing skillful but just really amazing how it went in.

morganfell3237d ago

Ha ha, thanks for proving my point. And thanks for not reading.

Everyone across the board (PC and PS3) were cut due to the 360. This is the entire issue. The 360 version gets cut everyone gets cut. The 360 version is made to a certain standard and they hold the PS3 down to that standard as well. It's called, "Let's not alienate the 360 crowd by having a larger more complete and better looking version on the PS3."

What is it you do not get about the entire issue of DVD9 screws PS3 gamers in multiplatform. Of course here it is shafting the PC gamers too.

Godmars2903237d ago

You mean up and including the point people said GTA4 was crap? Wasn't as good as previous games?

jut4203237d ago

lol @ nskinnear

You read the article yet couldn't find where the article said the game was held back due to 360's harddrive and diskspace limitations? That's the only thing the entire article talks about. I'm guessing you're nskinnear from PSU forums, which is pretty sad, because you seem to be defending the 360 for no reason when the article clearly says (from the mouth of the developer) that the 360 held the game back due to its' limitations. I guess people weren't lying when they said PSU was filled with 360 fanboys. I mean there are other guys on the forums over at PSU that I would label 360 fanboys, but you always seemed like a big PS3 supporter (at least in the PS3 games threads). Aren't you a little disappointed games could be better? I know I want a games to be their best and have as much content as they can fit.

mfwahwah3236d ago

These first few comments here remind me why I ****ing hate this generation of gamers. So ****ing stupid. With the exception of nskinnear, obviously (I stopped reading only a few comments in).

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nskinnear3237d ago

Some people got their issues today, so scans should hit the web soon.

Tetsuryu3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I had just received my issue. Speaking in terms of graphics (overall), it's fairly disappointing at its current state. A lot of the buildings lack texture detail compared to some of the more recent sandbox titles. It's a tad better than Godfather 2 in the character modeling and texture department.

LarVanian3237d ago

(Reads article)
I am so going to get this game.
It'll probably have a similar atmosphere to films such as LA Confidential and Chinatown.

KiRBY30003237d ago

which could be a very interesting combo!

The real killer3237d ago

Gimped for the PS3 version, that's allready a fact.
It is good news for the 360 users, but not so good for the PS3 development.

Im stll get this game on the PC version, if it come to the 360 than also to the PC :)

nskinnear3237d ago

Way to have no idea what you're talking about.

andrewf913237d ago

It was exclusive before, so team bondi had time to tinker around with the PS3, so they should know it's innards pretty well.

The real killer3237d ago

Let me clarified this one.

That means PS3 version get a downgraded version because the game must be equal.

kissmeimgreek3237d ago

youll probably have to wait for your copy on PC like GTA 4

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