About: The 8 Best Wii Exclusives of All Time

About: Some games can be played on everything from the PS3 to the DS, but other games come out only on one platform. Wii exclusives are especially notable, because without having to worry about making a game that works on multiple platforms, game designers can think entirely in terms of motion control, creating games that could not be replicated on other systems. Below is a list of the games that should make PS3 and Xbox 360 owners jealous.

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cyguration3206d ago

can it be the best of all time if it's still receiving hundreds of games a year? Let's not forget that some of the best titles for the system haven't even been released yet (i.e., The Grinder, Monster Hunter Tri, etc.,)

tunaks13205d ago

". World at War, on the other hand, is notable for recreating the first person shooter experience on a console poorly designed for a conventional FPS"

just wow
You point and shoot, its the next best thing for FPSs if you cant use a Mouse and keyboard.

I stopped reading there.

Shnazzyone3205d ago

That is an awful list... maybe the worst list of supposively jealously causing games ever. Where's No more heroes 2, Muramasa, Madworld, Darkside chronicles is better than extraction and COD: reflex is 10 times better than WaW. How about the bit trip series? I can think of at least 15 games that make owning a wii worthwhile and only 2 of those are on this list. Talk about just throwin something together.

rumplstilts3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Now, Dead Space I'm, really happy for ya, and imma let you finish, but Little King's Story was the best Wii game of all time. Of all time...

EDIT: This list is garbage.

snaredrums3204d ago

Call of Duty: WaW is not a Wii exclusive. It is on pc, 360 and ps3. Tsk Tsk Tsk...