Sora tribute, Kingdom Hearts retrospective by Famitsu

Calling him one of the fans' most popular characters in gaming, Famitsu tipped its hat to Sora, and by association, the Kingdom Hearts series in its most recent issue.

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knifefight3149d ago

Sora's pretty great. Can't wait for another Kingdom Hearts game with him in the main role.

Ravage273149d ago

i prefer Roxas actually, wasn't too pleased when Sora took over in KH2 :(

LittleBigSackBoy3149d ago

Prefer Riku, both are good though.

lolcatz3149d ago

The lack of screencaps of yaoi doujinshi makes me question the validity of their retrospective.

Read: Sora and Riku are totally gay for one another.

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