HawtWired Opinion Piece -- The Scottish Game


"Dante's Inferno is almost here, much to the anger of literature purists who like to point out that the original Italian poem never mentioned anything about Dante God-of-Warring his way through Hell for his beloved. By this time next week, I'm sure we'll all…be playing Bioshock 2.

But in an recent interview with Industry Gamers, the jokers at developer Visceral Games (or rather, one joker, Executive Producer Jonathon Knight) has shot his mouth off about besmirching another beloved work of literary art…um…The Scottish Play.

Okay, if you don't know what I mean, hold tight. See when I refer to "The Scottish Play", I'm referring to a very specific Scottish play. Okay, it's not Scottish, but the characters are. I'm getting nowhere here…"

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