Silhouette of new Pokemon revealed, will be in new game

Get a look at the first brand new Pokemon in years, which will be in the upcoming Pokemon game for the DS.

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Valay3204d ago

I really wish that Pokemon Sunday showed off more that the silhouette of a new Pokemon. I'm actually interested to see what the game will be like.

Valay3204d ago

Well, that in itself is good news I suppose. That seems to be what a lot of Pokemon fans (partially) wanted.

SilentNegotiator3204d ago

Or do they just keep looking more dumb?

I liked the original because they were sort of basic. Now they keep adding colorful balls to random parts of them and making them weird proportions and crap like that.

Aquarius3204d ago

There's only a set amount of animals in the world that you can copy from nature Nintendo!

IMO Pokemon Silver/Gold is the best one.

Bnet3433204d ago

Very exciting. I still enjoy the games, not so much the cartoon anymore. Generation V wow ... Pokemon made my childhood. One of the greatest things from the 90's

Bubble Buddy3203d ago

Pokemon died after Johto imo. The new pokemon looks like Sonic gone Super Sayain 4. Pokemon Gold/Silver were the best. Good memories, too bad the gamechip w/e broke on my Gold and Crystal :/

vhero3203d ago

Are people not sick of these yet? They will release a new game then release the whole lot of them again just so you can link them all up and catch em all its a rip off. They always do it and people pay through the noses. Its a complete waste of money. Pokemon red & blue on the Gameboy Colour were unique and amazing RPG's everything after were nothing more than clones. Okay Gold and Silver were liveable but the rest is a joke.

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Natsu X FairyTail3204d ago

can't remember his name but he looks like the guy in smash brawl.


Shang-Long3204d ago

i think its evolve form cuz ya that thing needed to evolve

Michael-Jackson3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

That's is where the speculation is heading at.
Some guy drew this of what it may look like.

Optical_Matrix3204d ago

Looks like Generation 5 is official. And coming to a DS near you (in Japan and for importers) in 2010. Can't wait :D Hopefully the designs are better than Generation 4. And I hope they don't rely too much on evolutions like they have in Generation 4.
Also, I hear the new DS game will be a "rebirth" of the series. Really looking forward to how that will work.

ZombieNinjaPanda3204d ago

No more pre-evolves please. That completely ruined some of the older pokemanz.

New evolutions should also be avoided, I know some of them were terrible.

Irnbruguy3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Theres a farfetch'd evolution and a delbird evolution, i saw a picture and it looked horrid.


Link to them

LordMarius3204d ago

How about no more Legendaries, seriously I think they have cover every aspect of well everything

How much legendary can you get than Arceus

Dsnyder3204d ago

I disagree. It makes no sense that osme pokemon evolved and others did not. Plus osme pokemon like licitung and scyther were useless in battle. I hope they decide to evolves farfetcd and delibird as well as tauros. Tauros is another wasted pokemon.

ZombieNinjaPanda3204d ago

They are killing all the originals. They should have kept them as regular pokemon. Some pokemon don't evolve, that's understandable, that makes them unique.

If they are useless in battle, just give them some new attacks.

And yeah, legendaries aren't legendary anymore. They're just pokemon that you need to do story related events to get. In fact, some of the pokemon that are harder to get in the wild are much more legendary.

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