ResumePlay Review: Mass Effect 2 (360)

Resumeplay writes, "This game succeeds in every way it was expected to, and many more. The best part about the series continues in this installment: you can live it how you want to. You can play it 10 times and experience any number of complex changes. This game is so good, it makes you feel like you need to try everything ("dance" option at the clubs, "watch" an alien stripper). There's something about walking into Afterlife (a club on Omega) and feeling the music vibrate through the TV, and having the option to go to the bartender for a drink be the last thing on your mind that shows how impressive Bioware's feat really is."

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paradiddle803203d ago

awesome review brutha...i still gotta play through the first one but definatly looking forward to it

VenerableBmoney3203d ago

There is literally very few negatives to say about this game. It is worth every penny. I'll borrow you both if you want. They are graphically impressive and even moreso in gameplay. Few games make you think and remember your experience the way Mass Effect does.

mau643203d ago

Yeah, I still need to play the first one myself. For some reason the elevators, inventory system, and graphical problems made it sour for me for a while. Maybe after i get more into the second one i might go back and play the first one, i know thats backwards but i dont care.

VenerableBmoney3203d ago

The first one had a number of issues that impeded its success. The fact that you couldn't run from battle unless you were severely injured was ridiculous. But they fixed it all, and the story tie-ins to this one are there, but not necessary. They fill you in on anything important right away in 2, and that's all that matters.

Traveler3203d ago

Aww...this review made me want to go play it right now! It was an amazing game in nearly every way. How is Bioware going to top this?

VenerableBmoney3203d ago

Mass Effect 3, Traveler... Mass Effect 3... Have a bubble- and thanks for the positive reception.

starchild3203d ago

Yeah, excellent review. I enjoyed reading it.

znu3203d ago

i have to say, mass effect 2 is by far the best xbox 360/pc game ever released (played it on pc tho)

i really hope it gets ported over to ps3

mythamp3203d ago

AWESOME GAME! Loved every bit of it...except the load times, that was a complete turn off!!

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stoppre3203d ago

One of the better reviews I have read for me2!

BeckyWagner3203d ago

Fantastic review! Very specific and yet so much left for the imagination! Can't wait to see if for myself!

rogue06743203d ago

Awesome review :) Can't wait to play this game!

brandynevils3203d ago

The more I see of this game, the more I really want to play it.

VenerableBmoney3203d ago

Few series' have created a genuine gamer/game connection like Mass Effect. Even if you didn't like the first one, this one succeeds phenomenally!

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