White Knight Chronicles Review by TheGo

Like a confused child trying to get everything done to perfection, White Knight Chronicles is a confusing title that doesn't seem to get anything done right, only what makes it passable. Considering that the devloper, Level 5, has had titles in the past that could at least make entertaining gameplay mechanics and characters, the overall experience is a big let down to those beneath the hardcore of JRPG fans.

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THE MAX SPEED 213207d ago

worst next gen rpg confirmed next to Cross Edge that was 1st a PS3 exclusive.

interrergator3207d ago

how come ur saying its the worst if u havent played it yet?

Cyrax_873206d ago

lol max speed. cross edge is on the 360 too, don't spin it. you also have the "worst rpg".

for a while I thought you were quite neutrel as well. It's good to see you finally come out of your shell.

Obama3206d ago

Cross Edge is also on the 360. That's like saying Mass Effect 2 is exclusive.

ZombieAutopsy3206d ago

worst next gen rpg is The last remnant

morganfell3206d ago

No, he has not played it. He's here to troll. Look at his history.

Or better yet, look at soda popinsky's. His last 10 posts have been in PS3 threads.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3206d ago

Well Obama Mass Effect 2 sure isn't on the PS3, but you can find if for Windows and 360... exclusive

ZombieAutopsy3206d ago

but jason im playin ME2 on my Sony does that mean its not an exclusive anymore. You fanboys sure are lame ass mofo's.

Aleusia3205d ago

well I guess I can also play it on my Dell so that must make it a Dell exclusive too, and HP exclusive, and Sony exclusive if you have a viao, perhaps it's also Gateway exclusive.

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Xof3207d ago

I don't get all the hate for this game. It's a fun game. It's got essentially the same battle system as Magna Carta 2. The story is well-executed, if cliched (but that didn't stop the Dragon Age circlejerking, now did it) and the music and art-design is all top-tier.

Every review I've read seems like it was written by some one who either only played the game for an hour or so, or didn't play it at all.

Myst3206d ago

In my honest opinion the best musical piece I've encountered so far was in Greede at the Central station. Also I would assume most Hatred for the game stems from the fact that it is cliched and the game isn't trying to hide it, but once you get further it actually becomes rather interesting or more so than at the beginning actually. The main problem though is it doesn't feel fleshed out enough, like a story that doesn't expand upon it's characters more or make the cities feel more lively in a way.

I guess it's due in part that we [ as in us gamers ] have been spoiled by other grand RPGs this generation so we come to expect a higher caliber from other RPGs. This one ( White Knight Chronicles ) is certainly good from what I've gathered, and as I approach the end of the game I'd honestly play through it some more until Heavy Rain comes out.

Prototype3206d ago

My only complaint is the targeting system, other than that it's a medieval Gundam game with the same story since the NES days.

A lot of the hate is because its not a FF, ME, or Fallout type of game a lot of people got spoiled on over the years.

blitz06233206d ago

Because it isn't this game

Optical_Matrix3206d ago

Blitz...I remember that trailer. I was shocked when I saw the game took such a big graphical hit. I'm not a graphics whore at all but, when I saw that they had been downgraded I was dissappointed in as much as, those visuals were so nice and 100% achievable on the PS3 with no problem....I mean look at FFXIV which is completely I don't get it. Really don't.

The Great Melon3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )


This has been the only thing I have ever really seen about the game since it was announced. I didn't realize that they downgraded the graphics in the real copy. That trailer really caught my eye back when it was released. It looked very fluid.

DelbertGrady3206d ago

It's always the reviewer, not the game ;)

JD_Shadow3206d ago

And you've played it...WHEN?

DelbertGrady3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

No, but I've played enough JRPGs and seen enough gameplay footage of it to understand the critique it's been getting in reviews. Have you played all games you have opinions about?

CBaoth3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

yes most certainly I do. Every game I've ever publicly critiqued on N4G I have played. You mean you actually have the gumption to pass opinion without playing the game? Well, at least your admission lets me completely disregard any comment you'll make as you have no creditability now. Just Troll status. Only use reviews to determine whether or not it's a rental or a purchase. Never let it form the basis of your opinion. Kinda sad too, never thought you were part of the flock.

Cold 20003206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

If you're shocked at the mediocre reviews this game is getting it's because you spend too much time on N4G. Some fanboys were hyping it and spitting on FF13 ONLY because it was a PS3 exclusive.

Anyone who followed this game's release in 2008 knows that even back then it was average.

1 year and a half later and of course it will be even less than average.

Genesis53206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I bought this game yesterday and started playing it. I think it's a fun game. It's a very traditional JRPG. If you are looking to use review scores on this game. The user reviews are a lot closer to the truth than these so called gaming professionals.

Blaster_Master3206d ago

WKC is the best rpg Ive ever played. It took me back to the NES and old playstation days. Xenogears, dragon warrior, FF, phantasy star online, and skies of arcadia all in one game. Level 5 is the new Enix/Squaresoft IMHO.

MTEC83206d ago

a 2/10 and the site would of got more hits. Not saying they are not entitle to there opinion but we all know how every single PS3/360 exclusive comes out, one site likes to give it a super low score just to stir sh!t up.

GameGambits3206d ago

I'm so baffled by why this game is getting low scores. It's completely ridiculous. This game IS targeted at JRPG fans... so if you review it A) be one and B) review it for JRPG fans/hardcore gamers...NOT casuals or whoever else might want to pick it up because they saw a shiny knight on the cover.

Anyone...and I mean ANYONE who likes their JRPGs will like this game. It is a SOLID 8/10, and the scores are VERY unjustified to slander it down more. Yeah the story isn't jesus' second coming, but have you SEEN the good reviews crap like Fable 2 got? THAT GAME HAD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STORY!!! 0 story was told in Fable 2. 100% crap, and yet this game is getting thrown to the wolves? Plus this games online co-op not only works, but works WELL and is deep/fun.

In fact this games overall quality shadows anything Fable 2 tried to accomplish as a RPG. A finer comparison is this game is probably equal to FF12 in MANY ways. I found the story in 12 good at parts, but the overall dry dialogue and uninteresting plot/ending made it not my favorite. The same can be said here, but it's a great set up for WKC 2's tale.

The real meat and cheese of this game is the online which is a blast---especially with your friends.

DO NOT be turned off by these low scores. If you are a PS3 owner who wants a good JRPG fix---this is def. it.

siliticx3206d ago

You make a solid point. Althought the reviews seems to be awful, i'm having a BLAST! i'm 30 hours in or so and GeoNet is a technological wonder and, for some reason, reminds me .Hack.

Today i logged into PSN and literally EVERY1 on my friendlist was playing it. It's an rpg and it's on PS3. Its a pretty darn good fix.

People seem to make such a fuss about the circle. Why the hell. Seriously, why. If this is getting mixed reviews i can't wait to see the unilateral, single player, ATB-enabled game that is FF13. By that constant we should see 3/10 reviews. But noooooo, its a Squeenix with OMG GFX and is on the 360! it deserves 9-10. amiright?

Professional reviews are starting to get me sick. JRPG will stop coming to the west and will die here like the 360 in japan. I guess i'll need to pickup my Kanji.

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creeping judas3206d ago

The game is worth at least 7-8 out of 10 in my opinion. but what can you do??

I like it and I will stand firm with my opinion that this is the best JRPG of this gen so far.

Myst3206d ago

Not the best, but certainly fun. I agree with a score between 7.5~8.0. A nice .hack feel for the game's online portion certainly brings up quite a bit.

Redempteur3206d ago

it's cool to be unforgiving for Jrpgs right now

it's the new trend ..
5/10 is way to loow for this kind of game.

Homicide3206d ago

I agree with the review. The game is pretty easy and doesn't require any strategy at all. I thought waiting to attack wasn't going to annoy me, but wow. The wait time is ridiculous. Creating combos is cool, but kind of useless since the game is easy. Just using the same old slash can win you a battle...even in boss battles.

Story sucks so far, and the characters are lifeless. I don't know anything about them. Also I have no idea why my avatar was added in the single player. She doesn't play a role in the story, and mostly everybody ignores her. She's not ugly btw.

March 9 can't come soon enough.

Shendow3206d ago

Slash does about as much damage as hitting the black knight with a stick, yeah it isn't that easy and so far I have played it hasn't got to easy.

Guess you aren't at the Dessert, I got over run by monsters at level 10 an my part got owned.

Myst3206d ago

Actually Shendow the game is fairly easy if you use this type of set-up. Yulie as a Whitemage/Redmage. Leonard as Redmage/warrior and then whatever for yourself ( I choose Warrior/white mage) essentially I took the design of some previous Final Fantasy concepts to make my characters and so far I've been breezing through every battle. I hit for 80 damage at level 25 then move on to the next monster if my party is attacked by more than one.

So after hitting the next one for 80 or 100 whichever I continue moving on. While I do this Yulie or Leonard finish off the monster so two hits to beat a monster. Even the giant ones are slowly becoming easier. They were easy in the desert if you used the Knight as well. Though I will admit Lunge Slash >> Slash :p. Though I use two-handed so it's Hack for me.

Homicide3206d ago

Haven't got there yet, but it feels like I'm getting there though. So far, it hasn't been challenging at all. I'm been blazing through the dungeons with no difficulty, and your party members heal you when you reach 50-60 HP, so you don't have to worry about dying. I use my combo most of the time to speed things up, but then I run out of AC.

The game is not bad, but the easy difficulty and wait times kind of makes it a tad boring. If the wait times were a little faster, or if I was given the option to adjust the speed like in FFXII, then I might enjoy it a bit more.

I haven't tried online yet. It's the thing I've been interested in.

Yeah, lunging slash = flame slash >> slash >>>>> backslash.

Myst3206d ago

Yeah exactly most of the combos I don't even waste my time on anymore and just leave them for the bigger enemies. Which is where I exhaust all of my chips. Yeah it really isn't that bad, it's addictive in a way for me, but I kind of wish it had a sense of difficulty setting for the game ( which is what I'm starting to hope for in White Knight Chronicles 2 ).

The online I haven't tried to much either, I've put up a quest and gone out to see what it's like; but never actually took it serious or completed it. Most of my attention has been forced into Georama which now needs to be forced into quests. Since later on you have to be a certain guild ranking to develop your property further.

Best combo, I think that was the only combo I used when it was Sword and shield at the beginning of the game.

Blaster_Master3206d ago

@ Homicide. Your a liar. You haven't even played this game if you think it takes no skill or strategy. LOL! I bet most of you who say you played this game haven't yet, your just flaming like all the other loser media sites.

Chris3993206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

That, and anything Sony related.

Post your PSN id, or PM it to me so that we/ I can see your trophies.

I'm of the suspicion that you're nothing but a troll. There are multi-console owners on this site who enjoy playing "genres" and not "systems" (I'm a JRPG whore myself, I don't care what console they're on), but I doubt you're one of them. Your opinions are just too slanted.

If you're not simply a fanboy, I have no problem eating-crow and apologizing. But I'm curious as to why you play $hitty (by your own admission) games on a system that you clearly don't like (PS3). That just seems like an exercise in frustration.

Just stick to the 360 if that's where your tastes lie.

Myst3206d ago

I hope I wasn't included in that "most of you" statement :p. If you want to see the two trophies I have gained for White Knight I'll PM my PSN ID or I'll send a message through the bigelow (sp?) system.

PooEgg3206d ago

Homicide I agree with you about not understanding the whole creating an avatar thing. Having you create an avatar, but not having that avatar be the main character of the game just seems odd to me. I kept waiting for Leonard to be killed off or kidnapped so that my avatar could become the hero, and I was bit disappointed when I figured out that just was not going to happen.

The wait time during the battles is a little annoying but I don't mind it too much. My two biggest issues are the wait time during saves, which really pulls me out of the game, and the fact that for some reason everyone on my team except for the character I am controlling have started just standing around during the battles. This is in single play mode, and I just can't figure out what is going on. I have the characters set to Go all out, but they just stand around doing nothing. This only started when I hit the desert part of the game and I a really confused about this.

Oh, and if you are looking for difficulty take your solo character into a quest, I got killed so quickly doing that. I kept leveling up and trying again, but I now understand that quests are better for multiplayers.

But, all in all this game is fun, and it deserved better then a 5. I would give it a 7 at least. I have not played online much yet, I am not a big multiplayer fan, but I know I need to give it a shot in this game. Plus I like creating the hometown, that is a very nice aspect of the game, but I would like it much better if the single player and multiplayer part of the game meshed a little better with each other.

Homicide3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

You'll see WKC at the top. I already beat the desert level. Didn't find it difficult at all, and I already defeated ***SPOILERS*** Gigas ***SPOILERS***

I'm going to continue playing WKC until FFXIII and Yakuza 3 come out. I have nothing else to play for the meanwhile.

@above, yeah the save times are a little annoying.

Chris3993205d ago

Could be anyone, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

As promised, my apologies.

I still can't figure out why you have a PS3 when you seem to have such disdain for it's library though.

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Lifewish3206d ago

this game is much better than a 5.. the online is pretty addictive and the Georama system is badass..