Promotional video of Wangan Midnight

Genki is a studio well known for its Tokyo Xtreme Racer series, so it's a good news that they are in charge of the game version of the quite famous manga/animated series Wangan Midnight that depicts the same type of races. If you never heard about it, think Initial D (it even looks similar even if it's not the same mangaka) on Tokyo's highways.

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brianodom3237d ago

they're going to go nuts in japan over this game

egyptian_diarrhea3237d ago

it does reek of initial d...i love it =)

GamerMan3237d ago

I think this game would be great. An Initial D style game would be great. I hope it gets localized for the states, cause I would really enjoy this style of video game.

Kaneda3237d ago

why is it so freaking ugly?