5 VG characters inspired by the Bible

Examiner: "There are a lot of misconceptions about the Bible, namely that it's a compilation of stories about people forgiving one another, being charitable and loving one another -- pretty much the antithesis of the values that this generation values if MTV cable programming is any indication. True, the Bible is used as a holy text by Christians, but interspersed between the lessons of moral righteousness are the exploits of some of the most badass, evil and conniving men and women to ever walk the planet.

Their legacies have resonated throughout history and have found a new home in video game characters. Now, you might think that the Bible would be the last thing to inspire an industry that largely revolves around shooting people in the face and tea-bagging one another Halo, but you would be wrong. Here's five examples why."

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tehk1w13204d ago

Hahaha. Funny read. Where's JUDAS though? Surely there's enough video game Judas' out there.

GamersRUs3204d ago

Author of this article knows an almost alarming amount about the Bible. =/

lolcatz3204d ago

Hahaha, yeah. I've been to church my entire life and I had to Wikipedia half the people.

UltimateIdiot9113203d ago

Sometimes I have to wonder about people. I highly doubt many of these games were made with the bible in mind. I mean, it's very plausible that it just a cowinkydink to have some similarities.

The Lenneth one was a pretty bad reference consider it was intended to reference the Norse Mythology and she is actually a reference to Brynhild.

tlogank3203d ago

@Ultimateidiot: that's the first time I've ever seen "cowinkydink" spelled out. It looks real weird.

tehk1w13203d ago

Worth mentioning I suppose that the article is written humorously. It's not designed to say "OMGWTF THIS GUY WAS CLEARLY INSPIRED BY THIS GUY" but to show how the different heroic (or villain) archetypes have resonated throughout history.

What got me was the Jak and Yuna one though. Those similarities are pretty glaring.

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DanCrabtree3204d ago

I feel like there are countless video games with Jesus undertones. Maybe just me.

teenieboober3204d ago

Persona, Chrono Trigger and a few other RPG's have definite religious undertones.

Think Yuna takes the cake though. Squaresoft was rather subtle with the way she was dancing on water and fighting SIN.

tehk1w13204d ago

Someone actually wrote this huge paper that compares Crono to Jesus. Pretty crazy stuff.