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EGM Magazine is Back. Subscribe Now.

Fresh out of the oven, Steve Harris has just posted on his Facebook profile, that the all new EGM magazine is back in business, and you can now subscribe. Along with the traditional magazine, you will also get the plus premium access to the new weekly EGM:The Digital Magazine for one low price! (Culture)

BulletToothtony  +   2031d ago
i suscribed to this magazine when they had the one year free offer like 3 years ago...
every single article was biased against certain platform.. we all know which one.. it was so sad to read how much these people hated it.. so no i won't be subscribing to this magazine..
TOO PAWNED  +   2031d ago
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.....no thx. Besides same ppl that ruined egm are again editors. Dan Sho and Co. Lame, go f yourself
evrfighter  +   2031d ago
yaaaaaa I subscribed.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   2031d ago
first post is mistaken....

I loved EGM magazine. I was pissed they were initially canceled. Only issue was they switched to the Alphabet Scale when 1up.com changed from numbers to letters. It didn't feel as accurate in the reviews.
qface64  +   2031d ago
why would you subscribe to this crap again?
im still getting the maxim magazines they used to replace EGM why maxim?
nightelfmohawk  +   2031d ago
I bought the $24.99 subscription. My favorite gaming magazine of all time has returned.
freeblue  +   2031d ago
they still owe me 12 issues
when they suxkered me into subscribing 1 week before they go bellyup.
atwon23  +   2031d ago
same thing here
I didn't receive a single issue of EGM. And Maxim is usually taken by my brother in law. Until they fulfill their end of the bargain they can forget about another purchase from me.
Timesplitter14  +   2031d ago
No one subscribes to game magazines anymore
Blaze929  +   2031d ago
Subscribe Now?
Why, so you all can randomly run off with my money again and send my Maxim magazines?
tplarkin7  +   2031d ago
I was bullied into renewing.
My subscription ran out and EGM sent me a letter stating that I was obligated to renew, by contract. The threatened to "do something" about my failure to renew. I renewed it, and a month later, they were defunct. They sent Maxim without my permission.
Braska  +   2031d ago
Ah, the old switcheroo the oldest trick in the book.
Omega Zues  +   2031d ago
I was GLAD to see EGM go, one of my happiest moments was to see it go underground. Their reviews, articles, and opinions were so flip floppy they made no sense. Not to mention their reviews screamed biased.

Now my next happiest moment will be seeing them go under once again.

^ __ ^
tplarkin7  +   2031d ago
Is that link legit?
It could be a phishing scam. 1up or UGO (the owner of EGM) does not show anything about a new EGM.

Don't order anything with that link. Verify it first!
BigKev45  +   2031d ago
Go onto EGMnow.com and the link is there.
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tplarkin7  +   2031d ago
Maybe it is legit.
Ok, here's the link to Steve Harris' twitter: http://twitter.com/egmnow.

I still would not order online until you see the magazine on the store shelf.

I also recommend not ordering EGM anyways. Gameinformer has been pretty good for me.
Elven6  +   2030d ago
EGM was purchased by the original creator of the magazine from 1UP, so it is basically its own entity at this point.
mrb3ar  +   2031d ago
I remember when I was a kid there was no greater excitement than receiving my new EGM every month and just enjoying gaming as it was.. but now that I have grown up a bit and understand the concept of bias, I just can't let myself be fooled by these guys anymore. A lot of Gaming journalists that I used to respect and look up to, have become more and more irrelevant because they stopped giving honest reviews, and started caring more about their paychecks. There are still a few good ones out there, but.. it's sad. Hope the best to EGM
BigKev45  +   2031d ago
I just subscribed. I've been reading that magazine since the first issue in 1989. I like the new direction they are going with a print & digital version.
BigKev45  +   2031d ago

Steve Harris on facebook

It's legit. Yeah Game Informer is good. But I grew up with EGM.
nightelfmohawk  +   2031d ago
I just placed my order for the $24.99 subscription
EGM was always my favorite gaming magazine, and I welcome its return. I'm so tired of asshat gaming journalism that is Gamespot.
BigKev45  +   2031d ago
Right on Mr. T
I reallllly liked EGM years ago. Like in the SNES days. I dunno though. I found myself reading Gamepro and Tips & Tricks and Incite later on though. T&T and Insite had some amazing articles and the way they wrote was hilarious. T&T even used to have a DEDICATED ARMORED CORE SECTION! People would send in their parts/color scheme lists and memory cards and the editors would play them in VS matches and rate them. MAN I loved that Mag.. Incite covered lots of different things, but games mainly.. Lots of cultural reference stuff and downright funny commentary on some things. I actually found the last one I had left recently. It featured some stuff about Nightmare Creatures 2, and a whole bunch of other stuff about Space Channel 5 for DC, haha.

Now that I think of it. I EGM hasn't gotten much attention from me in a long time, haven't really followed them in a long time.

Honest question, good people of N4G----
Yes or No?
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ahall88nhl  +   2031d ago
Screw EGM, it was crap before, it'll be crap again. Hopefully it'll be gone for good next time.
fishy1  +   2031d ago
Yeah I liked this one for many years, but a 32 month min. subscription I dont think so. The fact they gave me that crap Maxim the last time they went under, I mean WTF that mag got to do with gaming beats the hell outa me. So with all the negative response i been seeing here, they wont last a year this time. And I dont need a subscription to that crap maxim again, I just got the last issue of that crap last week. I dont want that crap in my mailbox for 32 more months.
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nnotdead  +   2031d ago
Gamepro magazine has gotten a lot better in the last 2 issues. i may buy a subscription to that, but i never been a big fan of EGM.
fishy1  +   2031d ago
Important thing to look at
Be warned, there is a misleading term in the price. It says 32 issues, but it actually is 6 print and 26 digital. So if you order dont expect to get 32 print issues, you will get 6 plus the 26 weekly digital ones. And the 64 is 12 print (monthly) and 52 digital (weekly). I thought I smelled something fishy there besides me LOL
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SixAmpFuze  +   2031d ago
Wow fanboys crying of biased reviewd boo hoo. All reviews are that persons opinion, atleast egm had 3 people do each review unlike every other site/mag.
tyrok3k  +   2031d ago
Thanks fishy, I was wondering how it could be 64 issues for $25.
bigjclassic  +   2030d ago
I hate EGM
I will always remember that biased Nov 2001 issue.
ThaNewDealer  +   2030d ago
Am a G.I
I subscribes to G.I since the summer of 06 but I like competition so the more gaming magazines the better.
KidMakeshift  +   2030d ago

No thanks
QQcrybaby  +   2030d ago
And it will go away again w/in 12 months.

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