EGM Magazine is Back. Subscribe Now.

Fresh out of the oven, Steve Harris has just posted on his Facebook profile, that the all new EGM magazine is back in business, and you can now subscribe. Along with the traditional magazine, you will also get the plus premium access to the new weekly EGM:The Digital Magazine for one low price!

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BulletToothtony2543d ago

every single article was biased against certain platform.. we all know which one.. it was so sad to read how much these people hated it.. so no i won't be subscribing to this magazine..

TOO PAWNED2542d ago

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on thx. Besides same ppl that ruined egm are again editors. Dan Sho and Co. Lame, go f yourself

A Cupcake for Gabe2542d ago

first post is mistaken....

I loved EGM magazine. I was pissed they were initially canceled. Only issue was they switched to the Alphabet Scale when changed from numbers to letters. It didn't feel as accurate in the reviews.

qface642542d ago

why would you subscribe to this crap again?
im still getting the maxim magazines they used to replace EGM why maxim?

nightelfmohawk2542d ago

I bought the $24.99 subscription. My favorite gaming magazine of all time has returned.

freeblue2542d ago

when they suxkered me into subscribing 1 week before they go bellyup.

atwon232542d ago

I didn't receive a single issue of EGM. And Maxim is usually taken by my brother in law. Until they fulfill their end of the bargain they can forget about another purchase from me.

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Timesplitter142542d ago

No one subscribes to game magazines anymore

Blaze9292542d ago

Why, so you all can randomly run off with my money again and send my Maxim magazines?

tplarkin72542d ago

My subscription ran out and EGM sent me a letter stating that I was obligated to renew, by contract. The threatened to "do something" about my failure to renew. I renewed it, and a month later, they were defunct. They sent Maxim without my permission.

Braska2542d ago

Ah, the old switcheroo the oldest trick in the book.

Omega Zues2542d ago

I was GLAD to see EGM go, one of my happiest moments was to see it go underground. Their reviews, articles, and opinions were so flip floppy they made no sense. Not to mention their reviews screamed biased.

Now my next happiest moment will be seeing them go under once again.

^ __ ^

tplarkin72542d ago

It could be a phishing scam. 1up or UGO (the owner of EGM) does not show anything about a new EGM.

Don't order anything with that link. Verify it first!

BigKev452542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Go onto and the link is there.

tplarkin72542d ago

Ok, here's the link to Steve Harris' twitter:

I still would not order online until you see the magazine on the store shelf.

I also recommend not ordering EGM anyways. Gameinformer has been pretty good for me.

Elven62542d ago

EGM was purchased by the original creator of the magazine from 1UP, so it is basically its own entity at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.