Care Package fix incoming for Modern Warfare 2

The Lost Gamer writes: "It seems that a patch for the Care Package glitch that a minority of troublesome users are exploiting on the ever popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to be released soon for the title."

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miggza3204d ago

who approved of this? this is very old news.

3204d ago
randomwiz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

No, the care package glitch wasn't really fixed. Judging by the way Robert Bowling's sounds excited about the fix(through his tweets), that probably means its perfectly fixed forever, but I'm pretty sure there will be someone who posts another way to do the glitch 4 hours after the patch is released.

znu3204d ago

is this for the 360 or ps3 :S or both?

didn't we already get this patch (ps3?)

red2tango3204d ago

I stopped playing that garbage a long time ago. I'm loving my lag-free and glitch-free MAG.

camachoreloaded88063204d ago

Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. Returned that sh1t to Gamefly the day after I got it.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3204d ago

I agree MW2 isn't that good. Playing the BFBC2 demo instead now. Much better. Cant comment on MAG as i only played the demo. Cant say I enjoyed it though.

red2tango3204d ago

You either haven't played MAG, or you just suck at team-based combat. Anyone can play MW2, play an FPS that requires skill and isn't broken.

TooTall193204d ago

No. You just like games that suck, and happen to be team based.

znu3204d ago

modern warfare 2 requires alot of skill, sure its easy to kill someone, but getting 30 to 5 on a regular game basis isn't (my kd is 1.78, i would know D=)

im not saying mag doesn't require alot of skill but if just wanna play a game of "pure skill"
play counter strike source or team fortress 2

a noob will never kill a pro in those games

camachoreloaded88063204d ago

Sorry, man. It's not my fault the game has very subpar graphics with stiff aiming.

Modern Warfare has killstreaks and tons of weapons with attachments. Bad Company 2's weapons feel very good, getting kills there are very satisfying. And most importantly, the aiming is smooth. MAG's main attraction of 256 players in a match is completely useless if the gameplay isn't good...and it isn't good. Man, aiming down the sights and shooting a few rounds in MAG...God it looks so awful.

I'm not speaking from any sort of bias here. But man, I'm having an incredibly difficult time accepting that the fact that people are seriously calling this their favorite multiplayer shooter experience. I'm more inclined to believe that those people were actually just drowning in hype, and when they found out that their holy game actually kinda sucks, they kept repeating otherwise to themselves over and over again until they forced themselves to actually like it.

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mrv3213204d ago

But what will it break?

pimpmaster3204d ago

omg man, the 360 STILL doesnt have the last patch! the one that came out on ps3 like a week or 2 ago.this bs is gonna take at least a month more. >:(

SixZeroFour3204d ago

why would you want that last patch anyways, when it didnt even fix the glitch?

siliticx3204d ago

it fixed "a" glitch. its already a start.

siliticx3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

double post ftl.

Rich16313204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

All I know is that Infinity Wards rep has really gone down the toilet following the release of this game. From the insanely short campaign, to the lack of campaign co-op (that World at War had), to the lag, to the connection/server dropouts (same ones CoD4 had, the never fixed it 2 years later), to the craptacular matchmaking that puts you in rooms seconds away from ending, to the camp friendly maps, to the countless bugs/glitches, to the hacked leaderboads that IW won't fix, and to the incredible unbalance (grenades launchers, commando). I am done with Call of Duty games, for a while.

Revvin3204d ago

Yeah I need to go back and finish the single player campaign (may as well get my moneys worth) but I'm done with the glitchy online play. I've been a Call of Duty fan since the first one on the PC when the team split from the Medal of Honour developers but Modern Warfare 2 has tarnished the franchise.

Rich16313204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Even though the campaign was short, I am not gonna was awesome. It was chock full of huge, exciting set pieces, and the level of tension and suspense coupled with epic music made it an unforgettable ride but 4-5 hours is pretty damn sad, and like you said the online is an unholy mess. I hate how they didn't fix issues from CoD4. There is no reason to have the godawful matchmaking and server problems this time around also. I am gonna trade it in cause Infinity Ward's post launch support on CoD4 was piss poor and considering how things are going now, it hasn't changed. They make so much money and sell like 20 million+ copies (across the 3 platforms)and yet don't do anything to support the game.

FragGen3202d ago

Spec Ops was a cool and significant addition to MW2. It seems like everyone just blows that off. MW2 is great fun while you're waiting for BFBC2 to drop and if you're not into MAG.

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