LOST - The Final Season on PSN

PlayStation Blog writes: And in TV news, we're so excited to announce the addition of ABC's LOST to PlayStation Store. If you're a loyal fan like me, you will be thrilled to know that you can download the final season (boo hoo!), starting with the two-hour season premiere, and then subsequent weekly episodes, the day after they air on network TV. All of these episodes are available in HD. Below is a sneak peek clip to get you in the LOST mood!

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mrblacknut3204d ago

Also available on Netflix instant watch.

Raoh3204d ago

i saw season 5 on netflix.. is the last season 6 on netflix too after each weeks airing?

Shendow3203d ago

Its FREE!!!, no monthly fees or anything like that, just had head to the PSN store an go to video's and just click on Tv Shows and go to free shows.

I was thinking about downloading it, kind of got into it, after my gf's mom show me it.

Godmars2903203d ago

Shendow is saying they're being offered for free, but for all anyone knows if he's not making it up it only applies to the 1st episode.

There needs to be a link to a full story with details, not just a PSN trailer.

Shendow3202d ago

Simple way to find out if its true, is by getting off your butt an getting on your PS3 an go to the store.

If people need a link to know if it is true or not that its on the PSN store for free, then I guess they don't care to much for the show then.