No Pre-Release Demo for Metro 2033

Xbox Evolved:

"4A Games confirmed today that there will be no demo before the launch of Metro 2033. But how about after? "

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JasonXE3151d ago

Definitely got this game on my radar.

Blaze9293151d ago

I'm sure one will come out after though - almost know one knew about this game until a few days ago and it comes out next month - wtf?

mastiffchild3151d ago

Well, I've been following it for a while as I'm also waiting for the bopok it's based on to get a good translation from Russian to english. It started off as a PS3 exclusive, I was told, and then went over to PC and 360 a loong time back now and it's mix of survival horror and actual gunplay looks very impressive and atmospheric. thing is a prrelease demo would be the right thing for PC and 360 if they could do it. I always worry about smaller name games on PC and 360 with no demo as I feel it kleads to a bunch of guys pirating instead of liking the demo and buying it legit.

Could be wrong but I always like underdog games to put out a good demo as it just gives them more of a chance and everything I know of the game so far is impressive and eserves people check it out.

beans3151d ago

I really like whats been shown so far and hope this game does shine. I also like to root for the underdog and just me get this day one.

Traveler3150d ago

It's too bad that there won't be a demo. It looks really interesting and I would love to try it out before I buy it.

starchild3150d ago

Yeah, this game looks awesome. The graphics are truly something. This screenshot reminded me of Killzone 2. http://www.videogameszone.d...

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ProA0073151d ago

Those are some damn nice graphics. Surprised that's the 360 version

Crazybone1263151d ago

what is this game, i'm just hearing of it now

plb3151d ago

If it gets good reviews I'll definitely be picking it up.

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