Yoichi Wada: 2010 is "The Year of Taking Root"

The Lost Gamer writes "The Square Enix Europe site has recently received an overhaul in site design, that not only introduces a soon to be launched Members Area, but also delivers a statement from President and Representative Director, Yoichi Wada."

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Megaton3204d ago

Should be the year Yoichi Wada disappears.

Noctis Aftermath3204d ago

Then they will begin to grow once Wada gets fired.

Also MetalGearRising why you reporting articles for no reason? are you mad that microsoft refused to repair your xbox for free because the warranty doesn't cover the sexual abuse you done to it?

qface643204d ago

when has anything this guy said close to even accurate?
everything he seems to say always ends up just not happening

97gsx3204d ago

Honestly is there nothing we can do? This man is destroying all that was good with square. I wonder what the Japanese think about this idiot.

Megaton3203d ago

I remember either Kitase or Nomura said they would like The Last Guy to have the SquareEnix building added as an evacuation point so they could just let Yoichi Wada die.

sikbeta3203d ago


It can be, man this year will be Awesome if Wada just leave and never Comeback for the sake of The FF-Fans and people that enjoy Good JRPGs

Prototype3203d ago

I think he means he's gonna stop smoking the root

SaiyanFury3203d ago

What Wada needs to do is stop pandering to the Wii and DS and make some things appear on the PS3, the premier HD experience in Japan. I've constantly been looking with every PS Store update in Japan, and only this week have they released the Star Ocean 4 video. The US Store had it like 2 weeks ago. I was hoping for a demo from Japan, but nothing showed up. S-E needs to realise that the PS3 is the main HD audience. But then again, as I always say, "Squaresoft was a developer, that was focused on quality. S-E is a corporation seeking only sales."

S-E is hell bent on western sales to pad it's pockets in case the Japanese audience doesn't adopt the company. S-E really NEEDS to do what Namco-Bandai did, and separate their games based on developer. Namco's Tales Studio developed Tales of Vesperia, while Eternal Sonata was developed by a near subsidiary that is tri-Crescendo. Eternal Sonata is a great JRPG, while S-E is FINALLY releasing Star Ocean 4 over on the PS3 in a few days. Wada is too hell bent on sales, and not on quality.

Squaresoft on the PS1 had some amazing games. Now everything they make is pretty mediocre. I miss the days when I could always look forward to a new Squaresoft property.

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MajestieBeast3204d ago

2010 the year yoichi wada destroyed final fantasy forever by westernizing the sh!t out of it.

UnwanteDreamz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Linear FF with no townz is just weird.

MajestieBeast3204d ago

I never even played a jrpg without towns next thing is a jrpg without multiple weapons.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3203d ago

FFXIII was casualized not westernized. Most Wrpg are huge and non-linear.

Chris3993203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

The linearity and simplified battle system is an effort to appeal to non-JRPGers.

The Leona Lewis theme-song, excessive guns, space-architecture, robotic/automobile/motorcycle Eidolons are clearly an atmospheric shift towards Western culture and tastes.

I'm not having a go, but they should have just put Master Chief in it and called it a day. Buying it anyway (PS3 version, likely), but it's easily my most spiteful purchase of the year.

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AngryFork3204d ago

Just look at this guy, for some reason he looks so smug and just looks like a backstabber.

ShinRyuHadoken3204d ago


That pic. is epic indeed. :)

n4gn4gn4gn4g3204d ago

Microsoft's 'root' for 3 years now...

raztad3204d ago


Wada loves to call it "westernization".

Chris3993203d ago

It's difficult to have a solid vision when your only concentrated, effort is on diversifying.

I think he (Wada) is trying to say that this is the year that they attempt to focus their business. That really remains to be seen though, and given their track record expect more DS offal, no Wii titles and pretty much just the 2 HD multi-plats this year - FFXIII and Nier.

Not exactly the most appetizing menu. And after FFXIII blows it's load, what do they really have left this year? Aside from more FF and the localization of Dragon Quest VI?

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