Hot Shots Golf 5 promo video

Hot Shots Golf 5 is the only big release for the PS3 in Japan this summer, and such a big game needed to get a big promo video on the PSN. Now that it's finally done, let's sit back and enjoy the really nice graphics.

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solidt124192d ago

I have The demo for this game from the Japan Store and it is a very very good game. This is going to be a good system seller in Japan and it should sell good in the states also. In Japan there will be a PS3/Game bundle for sell.

Strange4192d ago

Folksoul not counting as a big release?

anyway, both looks good, and I for sure will buy both of them :P

nextgengaming184192d ago

Hot shot golf 5, and my summer vacation 3 are big games. Those games will be in teh 100,000's the first week.

ShiftyLookingCow4192d ago

Everything on the xbox360 is better! Yeeh.. i have no life but to bash the PS3. My girlfriend left me for the PS3! Thats why i make love to my 360! I don't talk with reason! I do not appricaite games, just the 360!

*get more awesome flame/fanboy templates from <:Nicosia:>

PS360PCROCKS4192d ago

I have never liked this's too cartoony

popup4192d ago

Do you hate The Simpsons, Southpark and Family Guy for the same reason?

Counter_ACT4192d ago

This games amazing, I cant stop playing the demo. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.