Weekend Reading: Mass Effect 2 – To Be or Not to Be a RPG No clear answer

There's no denying that Mass Effect 2 is a success. It has sold more than 2 million copies and reviewers loved it. And with a lot of people talking about it being a good candidate for the Game of the Year award when 2010 is done in terms of videogaming, some have wondered how it would be classified.

The initial answer is that it's a role playing game with shooter aspects but there are also voices who are saying Mass Effect 2 is a third person cover-based squad shooter with dialog and character development.

It's true that a whole raft or RPG elements are missing from Mass Effect 2. Players cannot customize the armor of their party members and the weapons they can choose from are pretty much linear upgrades. There is no inventory and even the customization of the loadout for Commander Shepard is limited.

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cyguration3231d ago

this was a good article with some fair points on the argument. It won't stop anyone from calling it an action-RPG, though.