Pre-order BioShock 2, get BioShock free on Direct2Drive

Joystiq: "Direct2Drive is offering you one chance at redemption -- the digital retailer is offering 10 percent off pre-orders for BioShock 2, and tossing in a free copy of BioShock with the reservation. Pick it up, and maybe we'll talk about reconciliation. Maybe."

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goldene3553209d ago

Steam has had this deal for a while already.

Sub4Dis3209d ago

that's what i was going to say. i never even heard of direct2drive. they just a steam rip-off? if you're a PC gamer, you likely already have steam...why would you even bother with d2d? especially when steam always has deals like this.

peeps3209d ago

because not all games appear on steam

macalatus3209d ago

To the misguided children of the videogame industry, aka the 360 gamers, if you pre-order Bioshock 2 you also get a free, full copy of the ever popular, 360 exclusive "Red Ring of Death" courtesy of Microsoft! Wait a minute...did you guys already get that?!?

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

champ213209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

only on pc ;-)

i got the 4 pack from steam.

33usd each copy, + bioshock free.

Gaming on pc = superior version + great savings.

jharv3209d ago

Yeah, super-savings meaning getting every game for free.

champ213209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

33usd launch price just cant be beaten man ;-)

i did the same with borderlands and l4d2.

thats about 80usd saved just on 3 games compared to console versions. Thats a lot of money when you consider 3 of my friends got the same benefit.

ps3ftwin3209d ago

i buy most of my games from Steam or D2D now. The deals can be great. Specially getting most games at 45usd for a launch price is awesome. I just preorder 1 days in advance and get most of my games at 45usd from steam.

Must have saved a ton of money over the last 1yr of pc gaming.

goldene3553209d ago

Steam is pretty awesome. I've saved so much money through steam 4 pack pre-order deals and the weekend deals

ps3ftwin3209d ago

games tend to a be the largest part of the investment when playing on a platform be it pc, ps3 or 360.

though the advantage i like with pc, i dont have to worry about games not being playable when the next gen rolls out.

vickers5003209d ago

I absolutely hate pc controls. I've tried to bring myself to enjoy the controls, but I just can't (no it's not because I suck, it's because it doesn't feel like I'm playing a game, it feels like I'm running an application or doing work). Plus, you don't really get any force feedback on pc games. Sure you can buy a mouse or that one suit thing that has it, but it's either overpriced, or just a piece of sh*t.

I know you can use a 360 controller, but I prefer the ps3 controller. I can't earn trophies on my ps3 for playing on pc, and all my friends are ps3. Those are the reasons why I prefer my console over my pc.

t8503209d ago

you can use the ps3 controller on the pc too, works via motionjoy. Wirelessly or wired take your choice.

peeps3208d ago

"you can use the ps3 controller on the pc too, works via motionjoy. Wirelessly or wired take your choice."

ah might have to give that a go. i mean in general i'd obviously use a m&k but for games like dead space, i think i'd actually prefer to play with a controller. problem is, my 360 pads are all wireless and don't fancy spending money on the wireless reciever

ColdFire3208d ago

A wired 60 control is cheaper than the receiver :(

t8503208d ago

the ps3 wireless controller is the best in the market. 360 wireless feels bulky, i dont like it.

motionjoy is perfect.

however if you are using a 64bit os like vista or windows 7, then they automatically block unassigned drivers(you will need to manually force windows to accept unassigned drivers). A work around to this you need to install readydriverplus (this disables the windows automatic driver enforcement).

Also motionjoy makes windows think that the ps3 controller is a 360 controller, so all games get mapped automatically just as if it would be on a console. Instead of showing the ps3 symbols on screen, it shows 360 symbols. Its really cool since both the controllers have both the button layout.

Letros3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Is that the best you can do? Still dumbfounded by how cheap superior PC gaming really is? "That's impossible, they must all be pirates." Grow up, or get over in the Open Zone.

peeps3208d ago

bubbles t850, gonna give that a go now

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