Prince Of Persia Returning To Its Roots With New Scans

Ubisoft's Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will be expanding the Prince Of Persia universe this year, and some new scans showcase what the platformer is all about by showing the Prince himself in action.

Spanish magazine Micromania has retrieved some new images of the upcoming Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.

Check them out below:

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Mucudadada3026d ago



sinncross3026d ago

Oh, cant wait indeed.

Not too sure about the screens though.. the odd pic shops some poor character modelling but generally not too bad.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3026d ago

Looks better than the last POP. Cell shading FTL

starchild3026d ago

Alright, this looks nice. It has the look of the original trilogy from last generation, but with much improved visuals of course. I have enjoyed all of the Prince of Persia games and I am really looking forward to this new chapter.

Blaze9293026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I dunno about this game. I'm not expecting much with it but instead a way for Ubi to cash grab with the movie release. It makes no sense to just abandon the 2008 PoP game then suddenly go back to the Sands of Time story.

Basically what I'm saying is I don't think this will be a "real" prince of Persia game if you all kind of understand what I'm saying. I mean it's even coming out on like, every damn system.

I'm probably willing to lay down my bet right now that the game will suck. I mean, do you all see those visuals?

@Sm0k3y_Bac0n, better than the last game? I hope you know which are actually in-game shots and which are likely pre-rendered cutscenes.


top right. Wtf? Like they arent even trying at all. Hopefully it isnt Ubisoft Montreal behind this but if I recall, it's Ubisoft Quebec which should be another eye opener.

Let me know when we get a sequel to the 2008 PoP game then I'll care.

mephixto3026d ago

The only thing you need to know is that the new game is following the story of The sands of time

Mike134nl3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I liked the sands of time. Not sure what to think about the promised large number of enemies (largest number of enemies in a prince of persia game)or the new, unannounced "nature based" magic skills.

Hope that the platforming won't be taking too much of a back seat in the game.

mythamp3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i didnt even like the last pop, my 14yr younger sister finished that game, thats how lame it was. I also hated the over artsy look. To me, they should have continued on with the successful style from Sands of Time, Worrior Within and Two Thrones. Instead they took out all the best bits and put them in Assassins Creed (for which I enjoyed AC 1 & 2).

This ones gonna be a flop as they will obviously try to milk this based on the upcoming movie, so ubi put slightly more effort next time.

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Voozi3026d ago

A video game based on a movie based on a video game


sinncross3026d ago

The movie is based on SOT.. this game is a sequel to it and a prequel to WW.

Voozi3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Ah I see, I thought the game was being based off the movie since they were pretty much releasing at the same time so confusion ensued.

Well then, now I'm interested, thank you good sir for informing me lol. Have a bubble.

Gamer7l3026d ago

...are in 2D side scrolling/platforming. I don't see them TRULY returning to the franchise "roots". :o

Whitefox7893026d ago

Sands of Time roots? or NES/GEN roots?

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