Japan gets special Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Square Enix and Nintendo are preparing a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates bundle for the Nintendo DS in Japan. The 'Nintendo DS Gemini Edition' will be available on the 23 of august when the game releases in Japan. The production is limited and is priced for 21.840 yen (131 euro's and 176 USA dollars).

A picture of the special Nintendo DS is available at the source.

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PS360WII4196d ago

Japan always gets the cool promos and everyone else gets the shaft :(

jaydesi4196d ago

the japanese make me laugh, they never like to think outside of the box they quite happy to just keep everything in the box.

AcidRhain4196d ago

doesn't everyone and their mother plus their great granny have a ds in Japan already? more Ds bundles!!! I guess every japanese person could benefit from own 2. :-/