Heavy Rain vs Uncharted 2: Among Thieves HD Screenshot Comparison

GB writes: "In response to an article by, we decided to do high definition screen shot comparison of two of the best looking PlayStation 3 games around. Some might argue that both of these games are different so how are we comparing these games. "

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mjolliffe3208d ago

A tough one to judge...

Bungie3208d ago

it's very close buy i have to give it to Uncharted 2 IMO

sugard03208d ago

Graphics, Animations, or Interaction?
What is he comparing?
In the first comparison he talks about facial expressions and the setting.
In the second he talks about the interaction between the two characters.
In the third he talks about the animations of Drake and how the shop owner in Heavy Rain is not reacting to the gun through facial expressions. The writer doesnt know what is going on in the scene so he cant say his face should be more scared, because you dont know what is being said in the scene.
In the fourth scene he compares the grapics and facial detail of the protagonists in each game. (I would just like to say, you play as 4 different and MAIN protagonists in Heavy Rain and only play as 1 person in Uncharted 2).
I thought in Comparison 4, Heavy Rain's facial detail was better because you could actually see the pores on the detectives skin and freckles on his face, there was also suttle reflection on his face which you would see in real life.

Its a close one but their so different you just cant come to a conclusion. I'd say the only comparison that makes the two games comparable is Comparison 2.

Sorry for my bad English.

Double073208d ago

Yet you're the guy that leaves this as a comment on the article:

"Well now that i look at them i can clearly say that the PS3 is showing his age , they look bad , really bad textures and low poly . Mabe Japan should get some American tech to achieve high quality visuals like all the masterpieces on the Xbox 360.

Still nice article ty a lot."

You're so incredibly odd.

Anyways, Uncharted 2 for me but they both look great and I have the one and shall be getting the other game this month =D

FACTUAL evidence3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

heavy rain takes the cake. It's just that UC2's colors are more vibrant than heavy rain's. Look at the last photo of uc2, and HR. HR shows the raw power.

P.S.-Bungie get a life you fail troll.

EDIT: UC2 is still an AMAZING looking game, but cmon guys...Look at HR's robbery scene...tell me that doesn't look better than uc2's screens? I will admit, some of the area's look more polished in the screens with uc2, but after i played the HR demo yesterday......phew...i could have sworn that sh!t was real.

Bungie3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


lol when did i say that, stop making up lies

EDIT: LMFAO i sware to god that wasn't this is unbelievable

UnwanteDreamz3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )



Well if it didn't sound just like you then maybe you would get the benefit of doubt.

bujasem_893208d ago

waaaw heavy rain really impressive visually

sikbeta3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Bungie stop making opinions about PS3 Games, you delusional boy don't have a PS3, you're here just cuz you have nothing to do with your life lol


HR looks Amazing but UC2 got more stuff going on at the same time and that's Just Huge, IMO The 2 Are Awesome

zeeshan3208d ago

I am starting to believe that Bungie has either a split personality disorder or has gone crazy buying one Xbox360 after another cuz they keep melting!

UnwanteDreamz3208d ago

I couldn't compare the two without HR in my hand. At this point I think that what UC2 did was far more impressive from a graphical standpoint but without having a good idea of how big HR is and how varying the environments are I don't think it is fair to compare yet.

lukewind3208d ago

I think you morons need to realize one thing. Heavy Rain is a game that does not have a complicated fight system, nor does it have huge environments to render. Its a game of quicktime events, not that its a bad thing, but comparing graphics is stupid since they are not anywhere near identical. You could do Heavy Rain on either HD system with no problem.

Dear God you people are dumb!

goflyakite3208d ago

1: UC2
2: HR
3: HR
4: UC2

CoxMulder3208d ago

These Heavy Rain screenshots seem to be from an old preview build, not the retail version. I remember these screens from MONTHS ago.

Still, imo HR has the realism / UC2 has the eye-candy.

Traveler3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I would have to say that Uncharted 2 still looks better to me. Especially considering all the other processes that Uncharted 2 is doing at the same time.

Like I said in another article, Uncharted 2 is perhaps the most polished game I have ever played. No other game I know of has zero in-game load times, zero screen tearing, super good anti-aliasing, very high resolution textures, full real-time lighting, nearly zero pop-in, extremely detailed character models, and amazing animation all in one game. I honestly don't think there is a single other game that combines so many positive attributes in one game.

Killzone 2 is also one of the best looking games and at certain times can even look a little better than Uncharted 2, but it still has load times before levels and small stutters within levels as the game takes a second to load the next section. It also doesn't have as good of textures as Uncharted 2 and the aliasing is perhaps a bit worse.

Heavy Rain looks amazing. Especially the close ups on character models. But Heavy Rain isn't rendering as much as Uncharted 2 and there isn't as much dynamic movement in the game. Also, Heavy Rain has some screen tearing, while Uncharted 2 has none. Animation is another area where Uncharted 2 is superior to Heavy Rain.

Anyway, that is my case for why I think Uncharted 2 is still the best looking game on consoles.

shadow27973207d ago

I hate the bloom and DOF effects in Heavy Rain. They look unnatural and remind me of UE games (such as Gears and ME).

To me, Uncharted 2 looks a lot better. Not only in the detail, but also in the natural-ness of everything. The lighting is perfect and nothing looks out of place. I can't say the same for Heavy Rain. I'm excited for it, but visually, I'm unimpressed.

In my opinion, Uncharted 2 looks much much better.

NewZealander3207d ago

just get uncharted 2, it looks better and you dont need to hold down the accelerator button to make drake move.

i know people want to defend heavy rain, but its dull.

HighDefinition3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I guess I should not buy the game ***I*** enjoyed, because YOU say so.

Do you have any other advice for us?

In the end I`m gonna own both games, just like every other game ***I*** enjoy. Or should I just own one or the other, because YOU say so?

thewhoopimen3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

This comparison felt amateurishly written. There isn't any real discussion of technology involved in the making of the games. Things like texture resolution, anisotropic filtering, SSAO, LOD, art direction. The focus seems to be on mocap expressions ... and how the writer feels about things... ugh.

Look guys, tech wise, Heavy Rain's overall quality is higher. The art direction is drier and certainly nowhere near as colorful or eyecatching as Uncharted 2, but that's where we differ on opinion. I'll be frank. I love Uncharted 2's art direction better. Period. But for tech, and what I can see scrutinizing the screen, Heavy Rain simulates realism far better. Think about it, it doesn't have to handle as many physics calculations or collision detection so the designers can do alot more on the graphics end.

Here's what I learned between reading this article and reading the Mass Effect 2 review earlier on.

Bloodmask = Bungie

They both made the same retarded point of how AMERICA is the BEST game developer because of ME2.

Sorry Bloodmask/Bungie, Bioware is Canadian. Fact. You are absolutely the most retarded troll ever to be born from some sorry part of Stupidville and my eyes bleed everytime I read your comments. Fact.

Christopher3207d ago


Uncharted 2 vs Gears of War 2? Yes.

Mario Kart vs. Crysis? No.

Heavy Rain vs. Uncharted 2? No.

Pillage053207d ago

If it were between U2 and the Heavy Rain demo, I'd give it to U2, but that's just me. Although Heavy Rain does have some almost photorealistic facial images when you look at them up close. And the facial animations were outstanding. I still think U2 will be the most impressive overall though.

Can't wait to get my hands on Heavy Rain.

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morganfell3208d ago

Because only a PS3 exclusive can compete with a PS3 exclusive...

Hudahudahuda3208d ago

As far as consoles go, it's the truth. But people will still hide behind "opinions".

gamingisnotacrime3208d ago

what else is suppossed to be compared with the PS3, microwaves?
how about the latest nvidia cards, yeah great show a 3-4 year old tech with the latest cards
PS3 competes with the 360, and that is that. PC this and that has nothing to do with consoles, and with the amount of great games and visual the PS3 is getting, im more than pleased with the $299 all included console

DigitalAnalog3207d ago

And THEN I'll start comparing..............

-End statement

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GrandDragon3208d ago

Umm it's pretty obvious how much better Uncharted 2 looks than HR and unlike QD ND actually know how to make use of the SPU's and don't misuse them.

GrandDragon3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Anyone who disagrees with me is basically saying Uncharted 2 looks like sh1t which it certainly doesn't.

The most graphically amazing games that are going to be show this year are: L.A Noire, KillZone 3, Resistance 3, Metal Gear Rising, God Of War 3, War Devil: Unleash The Beast Within, MotorStorm 3 & Agent.

Heavy Rain doesn't make it on the list because they had to downgrade the graphical quality of the environments in order to have realistic looking characters. NaughtyDog didn't downgrade their environments for realistic character models so why did Quanatic Dreams do it?

It's because they suck at using the PS3's hardware that's why.

Gen0ne3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

... and half way agree with it. You don't have to be nasty about it. Let's see you code a AAA title.

TruthBTold3208d ago

unlike HR which I have only seen on the internet with mostly bad quality videos. I will have to wait and see.

I would have to disagree with most of your list for best looking games this year since some of the ones you list we have not even seen. I hope you're right but I cant be certain right now. I have never been impressed with R* design in games, they're fun but nothing visually impressive. Insomniac has a better grip on the PS3 but I am still waiting on them to blow me away with R3. Lets hope they do.

lucifon3208d ago

Maybe Uncharted 2's facial animation has spoilt me but I felt after playing the Heavy Rain demo that the Jayden character had a very 'last gen' vibe to just the way he animated and the way his face looks (not from a technical standpoint last gen, clearly!). Shelby however was quite a step up from Jayden. Was this just me?

Nitrowolf23208d ago

your not the only one, i have to say that second part of the demo, jaden facial is just less better looking then Shelby
For some reason in that demo it felt like 2 seperate builds for me, The first part (not the tut) was impressive with he graphics and everything else but the second part it just seemed the grahics lacked with the character.

Dnied3208d ago

with both.

Nitro ur right about the first part vs the second part. They could quite possibly be two different builds, we'll never know...

I thought the environment in the second part was low too.. the cars looked like they were from GTAIV lol

These screenshots really do both of them justice though, they look absolutely beautiful, makes me wanna play uc2 again while i wait for HR.