Heavy Rain Demo | Impressions

To begin, the demo itself is approximately 1700MBs (the codes were specific to EU/UK regions, so you'll need a European account to download it, so the size may be the result of localization). Keep in mind, this Impressions post contains spoilers, so read at your own discretion!

When you enter the demo, you may want to change the gamma settings in the options menu, though, but you may also want to keep it a little darker than the recommended "until you can barely see the origami" settings for better atmosphere.

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Baba19063230d ago

i agree... not mainstream but awesome. =D

nix3230d ago

well... i was anyway going to get it but now after playing the demo I WANT IT NOW!!!!

i just want to find who the killer is. the game is awesome. once you get in, u'll be glued. i wonder if i'll ever stop playing once i start the game. would be fun as the game unravels min by min or in this case, click by click. q:

and the graphics are awesome. the close up shots of private detective reminds me of the opening sequence in KZ2. rain looks beautiful. and it is eerie. i liked the detective part most. i screwed up on the private detective part. she got angry n told me to get lost.

orangbulu3230d ago

I really like the demo, unfortunately i dont have 60 bucks to buy this, probably gonna buy used or wait for price drop

Szarky3230d ago

" #6 by Bloodmask on February 6th, 2010

I tried the demo is really a shame for a real gamer like myself to play this crap , is a movie with bad graphics and bad controls. I rather play Mass Effect 2 , a real game for real gamers. Everyone who buys this game is an auto loser. The PS3 is a shame."