Metro 2033: 12 brand new screenshots

Videogameszone published 12 brand new screenshots of Metro 2033: The Last Refuge, the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC Shooter.

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Shaman3206d ago

Its says thats 360 version screens.They look really amazing,especially lightning.

Johandevries3206d ago

Seems like a strange combination

Chris3993206d ago

I'm not an FPS guy, but the game is shaping up really nicely.

Didn't realize that it had mutants in it either! Mutants and post-apocalyptic settings ftw. I doubt I'll buy this new, but assuming it's not another "Shellshocked", I'll get it once it drops in price a bit.

captain-obvious3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

it looks like a good game but it well be over shadowed by GOW3 and BFBC2 in march
add to that this game got no hype what so ever at all

yes but in march all the news well be about GOW3 and BFBC2
and as i said this game got no hype of any kind
hell we didn't even see any interview or a list of features or any other
dose this game even got a MP, i really don't know and i don't think that any one in this site knows alot about this game

Double Toasted3206d ago God of War, when that game is only on one console? It might get overshadowed by Bad company, but it has potential to do respectable numbers...I mean it is coming to the 360 after all.

SaberEdge3206d ago

Wow those graphics are really impressive. I didn't expect that.

darkmurder3206d ago

I smell Stalker/Fallout hybrid

beans3206d ago

Those pics looked amazing! Much more detail than any shooter on console to date. This game needs some heavy advertising because after seeing this I'm picking it up day one.

Traveler3205d ago

This game truly is impressive. One of the best uses of lighting and high quality textures that I have seen.

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ghamdikh33206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )


Counter Strike3206d ago

Also Conviction , Mass Effect 2 , CrackDown 2 , Halo Reach , Fable III , Gears of War 3 , Alan Wake , PGR5 , Forza 4 , PD and so much more , Cant wait to play all of them in my DelayStation 3 :D

Gimped Hardware3206d ago

those games you've listed all destroy the brokestation3 though......

heavy lame, flop of war3, grab turdismo5 - don't make me laugh.

this gen the best games are only available on MS's platforms

Ps3 - fail beyond
360 - gaming bliss

mrv3213206d ago

Too Human is better than Heavy rain isn't it? No it isn't btw.

Your really funny with or Flop of War names and all that. I mean it's like a 2 year old could have done it with more muturity but you make it sound like you stand in the way of evolution.

brendan44443206d ago

Does anyone else notice that microsoft names a lot of their games exclusives(even though thery are on pc also) but Metro ISNT NAMED AS AN EXCLUSIVE :s???

Ghostsmoker3206d ago

That's why this games are exclusive to Microsoft.

Pandamobile3206d ago

An MS exclusive would be a game like Gears of War. You can't call a multiplatform game by THQ a Microsoft Exclusive because PC is an open platform.

Ghostsmoker3206d ago

Look at Risen. It's 360 and Windows. So it's exclusive to Microsoft.

-Gespenst-3206d ago

Every screenshot I download off this buggy german website just turns out to be a blank jpg.

Another complaint: I wish this was on the ps3 so bad.

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