Why Heavy Rain Will Rock

CC's James Chalmers writes: Firstly let me just apologise on behalf of Chris' view of the game. You see for a lot of people change is scary, whether it be as simple as John Terry being replaced by Rio Ferdinand as England captain or a game like Heavy Rain throwing away the manual (and then some) on how games should operate, change scares people and it's just because they can't really grasp it.

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Logiistics3147d ago

I believe you are correct, it will succeed!

Guitarded3146d ago

Why do people keep saying this is new, fresh, innovative? It's been done before! Some people will enjoy this interactive movie, most people won't bother with it.

Elimin83146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Uhhhhh............. Maybe because it hadn't been done on a console before? I sure hadn't heard about Fahrenheit till HR.

darthv723146d ago

Indigo prophecy (aka fahrenheit) is available for ps2, pc and xbox. If people want to get a feel for HR they can still find that one.

DarkTower8053146d ago

Haha, no I don't believe many played Indigo Prophecy. I've never even heard of it until HR started being talked about. I do believe however HR is redefining and taking interactive games to the next level like Uncharted took platforming games like Tomb Raider to that next level and redefined the genre.

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ghamdikh33147d ago



POOR Metal FAKER Rising: Not newsworthy LOL MAYBE GAYLO biatch is

newsworthy lol

Natsu X FairyTail3147d ago

I like what he did with both articles.

mal_tez923146d ago

I think he just wanted to have flamebait titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.