Why Heavy Rain Will Fail

CC's Chris Hawke writes: I know. How brave I am. Putting myself on the line like this. You see, even hinting that your hype meter isn't ticking away like an over-excited Geiger counter about Heavy Rain instantly puts you in front of the firing squad. "Oh, you just don't get it", they say. "You just hate it because it isn't an FPS". "Yeah, I can see why you don't like the look of it; some people just don't understand beautiful art".

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Logiistics3204d ago

Good article, but no chris, it wont fail :)

mjolliffe3204d ago

He makes some good points.

But I think its so new. So different and fresh for the industry that a lot of people will be interested.

Kurylo3d3204d ago

i bet half the people who say it wont fail, wont actually be buying the game themselves.

Therefore it will probably fail... all power to the art... artists are talented, but the game is boring. I like indigo prophecy, but i just cant finish it... Its cool, but after a while u realize its the same crap.... Its more walkn around doing quicktime events... theres no actual GAME in the game..... Im sorry, but hes right... no sense of accomplishment in a title like this.. ur just following the story, and id rather watch a movie if i want to do that... If my character gets into a shoot out... i want to be the one shooting... not a quicktime event of who to shoot. and how...

SaberEdge3204d ago

I think Heavy Rain is exciting because it isn't the kind of game we see every day. I haven't had a chance to play the demo yet because I just don't feel like jumping through the hoops to get it, but the game is still one of the games I am most looking forward to this year.

ukilnme3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

@ SaberEdge

I'm with you on that. Can't wait to try this game out but the demo is too much hassle for me to get.

@ the below

Yes you are.

Baba19063204d ago

i thoughzt it might fail too, depending on what u mean with fail. but after playing the demo its a sure buy for me. i found it exciting and crispy and it makes me wanna solve the story. buy buy situation. i could see someone hating this if he is an action junky and doesnt care for the story. and i disagree with people who feel like this is a movie. i think it is a game that just makes stuff diferent than other games. who says quicktime button smashing istn playing? who says walking around in a murder scene isnt playing. i think it is. i see the diference between a game and movie, that you solve a game, sou play it. if you cant solve something or overcome something the story stops. in a movie you only watch and let it happen.

Hanif-8763204d ago

I played the demo last night and this game is really something different from everything else that i've ever played. Also, let me not forget to mention that Heavy Rain is currently the best looking game :-)

jut4203204d ago

I think this game has great potential for anyone who has seen the game in action or has heard what this game is trying to accomplish. I think it's just the lack of mainstream people knowing about the game that may hurt it. A GS employee at the store I go to is a pretty big 360 fan and I've never heard him mention a PS3 game before until I put my preorder in for Heavy Rain. He seemeed more excited for the game than I've ever heard him talk about a game before. He's a big FPS fan, but couldn't wait for this game. Said it was the game he was looking forward to the most this year. The game is very ambitious which I think makes people interested because it's something new that people haven't seen before. I just think the lack of information about the game if you don't go on the internet may hurt the games sales. That, and this is a more mature title, so I'm not sure a lot of people will be interested in "making their own movie". I know this is my most anticipated game of the year because I'm so excited to see how the story plays out each time I play through it and make different decisions.

HighDefinition3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

You know what`s funny is there is almost no comments in the why Heavy Rain will succeed artical. Anyway, the demo is awesome and the controls are great (I`ve played Indigo Prophecy though so I might be a bit biased). Also, the demo isn`t hard to get now, the site worked fine for me last night, it only took me about 7 mins.

Heavy Rain in my books will definitly be a buy and the demo just re-established that for me.

Also, the way you play and choices you make heavily affect the ways the one scene plays out w/ the girl in the apartment, how much it will affect story later is yet to be point, this game has some serious potenial to be played ALOT of different ways, which is great for a SP only game.

sack_boi3204d ago Show
Maximus Corruptor3204d ago

I don't agree with this article, after playing the demo there are many different elements that can appeal to a wide array of gamers, is it going to sell halo like numbers? NO! but it will establish a new genre in the market that brings enginuity and originality!

nix3204d ago

well... i was anyway going to get it but now after playing the demo I WANT IT NOW!!!!

i just want to find who the killer is. the game is awesome. once you get in, u'll be glued. i wonder if i'll ever stop playing once i start the game. would be fun as the game unravels mins by mins or in this case, click by click. q:

and the graphics are awesome. the close up shots of private detective reminds me of the opening sequence in KZ2. rain looks beautiful. and it is eerie. i liked the detective part most. i screwed up on the private detective part. she got angry n told me to get lost.

zeeshan3204d ago

I think this game will have audience both loving it and hating it. I haven't played the demo yet, I want to buy this game. I can't wait to play the demo as soon as I get some time to download and try it but with what information I have and with what I have already seen, I am fairly certain that I am defenitely buying this game. Heck, even my wife wants me to get it!

Bathyj3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

You know, I really should have stopped reading there. Might have saved myself a 100K brain cells.

It not our fault you cant follow Lost.

Why whenever we look forward to something, and I'm not trying to sell it to anyone, I just want to be allowed to enjoy it myself, theres always a mass of people trying to convince us we're idiots to anticipate something fresh or different?

FKN games media.

Oh, and how many times do I have to say it, if you walk up to a door and it says push down to open, push up to lock, thats not a QTE, its context sensitive controls. No different to one big button in Zelda tha opens doors, picks up clay pots, mounts your horse, etc.

sikbeta3204d ago

Well, FPS Lovers will not buy the game, cuz the character doesn't have a Minigun Glued in his Arms


Seriously, I'll support this Game and I hope everyone do the same thing, obviously it'll not sell like the Codz but better The Crew Support This Game cuz Variety+Innovation are the Best thing about Gaming

syanara3204d ago

farenheit was a great game I loved iot and I know many others who loved it. i don't know what kind of score it got but if its anything like farenheit im instantly in love with it

execution173204d ago

something new and fresh, every other release its a shooter or something that wasn't a shooter turning into a shooter...if that makes sense, and this is it, with whats that 2000 page story? probably be practically limit possibilities to how the game will play ala always be different every play through even if you get the plat you'll want to see what happens if you do this or die at this specific time and what not :O the thought just amazes me

Darkstorn3204d ago

Just remember that there are TWO articles - one that supports Heavy Rain and one that attacks it (the one that denounces it has twice as many hits on N4G...)
So don't start blaming the website.

Blaze9293204d ago

Helloooooooooo did anyone NOT play Fahrenheit? It's the same kind of gameplay style - stop acting like the game never existed. I'm excited for Heavy Rain as much as the next person but that's like admiring someone's work and completely ignoring their previous arts pretending to be a fan.

jmare3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

How many people let Lauren get the sh1t beat out of her?

EDIT @ Blaze: You're right. Indigo Prophesy exists and Heavy Rain is a spiritual successor. The reason why so many people are overlooking IP, I think, is because Heavy Rain takes what it did and evolves it into something different. You couldn't lose a character in Indigo. You could fail the QTEs in Indigo, while in Heavy Rain it just leads to a different outcome.

They are similar, but HR is an evolution of what IP was and it has people excited.

JANF3204d ago

beacues is a movie not a game.

randomwiz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Whats wrong with being a fan of something when you ignore previous work? I'm a fan of UC2, but I never finished the first because I kept going back to halo 3 at the time. I did finish it Sept 09 though.

You also have to consider when people started gaming. Consider their age at the time. I doubt 5 years ago, a 16 year old would've heard of IP. It did okay sales wise but not anything spectacular. And the graphics for it at the time of release were good, but nothing special. For many people, coming from playing MW2 and many other online shooters, this will be a fresh game to most people. For many people, it will be a new and innovative game because they've never played anything like it before.

otherZinc3204d ago

Heavy Rain is going to fail harder than Killzone 2. Killzone 2 sold about 300k then another 260k or so. Heavy Rain will sell 300k to the SONY Fanatics that will buy a SONY exclusive just to support SONY.

However, the following month, depression will set in & Heavy Rain will sell under 50k & continue to sink into Garbagedom!

Elimin83204d ago

At some point some one is going to go for something different and I like different. The author is mentioning a whole list of things that have already been done, if you implement that into the game, guess what it isn't unique anymore hence it becomes another me too game. so to everyone out there, be your own judge..

P.S How do you measure success?

Guitarded3204d ago

How does one gameplay mechanic change make HR much different than IP?

The reason many are hailing HR as fresh and innovative is because they have never heard of Indigo Prophecy.

UnwanteDreamz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I agree that credit should be given to the games that came before HR. I think what some mean when the say "new and fresh" they mean that the PS3 hasn't seen a title like this release yet.

This is a day one for me after the demo. I was gonna wait a little while to pick it up (recently paid off like 3 other preorders) but after my wife got her hands on that demo it was a done deal. Her first ever preorder for a game. Thanks to the HR demo I dont have to wait now.

jmare3204d ago

I didn't say that it was much different, I said i was different and it is an evolution of what was done with IP.

And as to your second point, you could say that the only people hating HR are pissed because it's not on 360. As to whether or not people have heard of IP I cannot say. I have. I played it and beat it and it was a good game to me. That is why I am hyped for Heavy rain.

Chubear3204d ago

If Heavy Rain doesn't sell at the very least 1-1.5mill WW, life-time, then there's a serious problem in the PS community.

For me, I thought I'd hold off on this 'till after GoW3 and get sometime in May.. but that GT trailer of the demo got me bad. I HAVE TO find out what's up with this Origami Killer guy.. person.

Yeah the vid of the demo sold me 100% on Day one.

Parapraxis3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Demo is fricken' epic.
It's a definite buy for me now.
And in my opinion that means it's already succeeded.

Children like "Troll Eater" and "darkmurder" can troll it all they want, they are merely jealous, ignorant or FPS-only playing noobs.

Raz3204d ago

Gaming is evolving. And part of the fun factor is *immersion* - becoming part of a reality so detailed you sometimes forget it's virtual. That's the real Holy Grail of gaming, and Heavy Rain (whatever it is) seems closer to that than most of the other games that have preceded it.

Do I think it's going to live up to the hype? No. Few ambitious projects do. But it's an important step in the right direction.

FACTUAL evidence3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

He's basically judging this from trailers he saw...the game isn't even out yet. I played the demo, and i'm gunna tell you this, it's more then "wiping a$$, and chilling with son". Of course they are going to have parts like that in the game. You're going through one of the individuals lives. But i can bet, all the "hanging with son" moment wont last long before the real sh!t happens. Guys don't knock this until you have tried it. People kill me.

It's like saying, "oh such and such RPG is going to be about helping dad, because the first 30 mins everything is going fine until some demon comes." See what i mean though? The plot is going to come, and i guaranteed you this game will have a lot of action, and solving more then, "having birthday cake with son" moments.

tplarkin73204d ago

If you compare this to Mass Effect or Uncharted, it will fail. If you compare it to Liesure Suit Larry, it will succeed.

The replay value of Heavy Rain will be zero. I pitty the fools that pre-ordered it.

pixelsword3204d ago

I know. How you're just fishing for hits on a weekend.

Traveler3203d ago

Heavy Rain is going to be great.

Anon19743203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

How many of these "Why (insert PS3 game here) will fail?" articles do we have to endure? It happened with LittleBigPlanet, then Killzone 2, then Uncharted 2, then MAG, then Heavy Rain and on and on it goes.
And what's really ironic is even though 90% of 360 games never break the one million mark, we never see game sites try to get away with the same kind of garbage.

Heavy Rain will do just fine.

solidt123203d ago

Look. They are trying to do something innovative and I don't expect Halo sells but the will recoup all there money and gain respect n the industry for being different. Day one purchase for me.

STK0263203d ago

I think he meant the people who claim this type of gameplay has never been done before should do a little bit of research and find out it's not the first time it is made [although HR seems to perfect it]. This is not a very mainstream genre, so it's okay, but imagine if someone said something like "Woah! Command and Conquer 3 is such an amazing game, it provides [gameplay-wise] something completely unprecedented!", ignoring the fact that well, CnC3 did not provide anything new gameplay-wise. That would be ridiculous wouldn't it be?

Of course, I do realize my example is flawed, as CnC is a numbered series and a popular one at that, but I think you get the point.

novcze3203d ago

After playing demo yesterday, I canceled FF13 pre-order and I will buy Heavy Rain instead.

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ghamdikh33204d ago


Kerrby3204d ago

I have no idea either.

Johandevries3204d ago

Can somebody send this man to an asylum?

stb3204d ago

4 - Or maybe you three.
Are taped up to the point of not getting it without little of help huh¿?

Let me give you three a hand...Alan wake...want heavy rain to fail¿?

Wake up alan..rolf

sack_boi3204d ago

"Cage are you ok ?
So, Cage are you ok ?
Are you ok, Cagey ?

You've been struck by, a smooth criminal..."

Trebius3204d ago

Precinct 52

Short Cigg butt
Tyre Tracks

Submit those 4 pieces of evidence and download the demo.

If you even HAVE a ps3.

Then Rewrite this piece of sh!t article.

Cause the game is the SH!T!

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scruffy_bear3204d ago

I hope it does well as I'll like to seem more game's like Heavy Rain

Natsu X FairyTail3204d ago

before people rush and start complaning theres a why it will fail and a why it will rock article .

mjolliffe3204d ago

Exactly! Read the 'Why it'll rock' article -

morganfell3204d ago

Actually those are "Let's stir up both sides of the demographic and bring hits to our site" articles.

jackdoe3204d ago

Sigh. Then why make separate articles and post both of them to N4G? Oh yeah, to generate hits. This could have easily been combined into one article.

mfwahwah3204d ago

You guys are so ****ing sensitive about sites trying to get hits. It's not that big of a deal god damn.

Mikeyy3203d ago


Not a big deal? They are making money off of those hits.

I could make a fancy little Anti-Sony website, get google ads, and Make a good bit of money off of you fanboys. You see, you are a TOOL, in the TOOLSHED.

irepbtown3203d ago

It isn't a big deal Mikeyy,
Atleast they give us the latest information, they deserve money.

On to the game, i havn't played the demo, but a friend of mine has, and he just loved walking lmao. So if just walking is exciting...
How could it be a fail?

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