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Four years in development, Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most important games Square Enix has ever released. It's the first game in the mega-selling Final Fantasy RPG franchise to arrive on PlayStation 3 and next month, with the game's debut in the West, Final Fantasy will transition into a cross-platform franchise, arriving in-store simultaneously on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Digital Foundry will be covering the 360 version of FFXIII in due course, but for now their focus is on the Japanese version of the game, released at the tail-end of 2009.

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Xwow20083204d ago

Analyse for the game, DAMN i can,t wait anymore for the game just 1 more damn month :(

andron3204d ago

This game looks stunning, now I'm even more hyped to play it.

The more action oriented game play suits me fine, it will surely rub FF purists the wrong way. But it will probably gain the series new more casual fans too...

Noct3204d ago

Really cant wait. 1 more month.

Oh and this proves the downgrade was false (not talking about game content).

The final PS3 build has more subtle detail and looks a lot cleaner and crisp over the demo build which was apparently 'downgraded'. It also boasts fixed framerate over the demo build which is the best piece of news to hear. It's crazy how the in-game character model 'almost' looks as good as the pre-rendered even when zoomed up right to the camera.

Also great to hear that the PS3 version is indeed 720P native and the that the 1080p upscaling is really well done.

I guess all that remains now is if the 360 version can match the PS3 version, especially since it's a port.

Will it have minimal loading or will it need to be installed?

Will it have a fixed framerate or any other technical issues?

Will it support all the different lighting effects and techical add-ons that the PS3 version has?

Will the graphical quality be as good?

Will it render at 720p native?

Will the videos and audio be noticeable worse?

Vivi3204d ago

People who own both consoles would be idiotic to get the game on the 360.

PS3 version has proven itself.

Probably the biggest most superior multi-plat title.

Put your brand loyalty aside and just get the best version you can get for your money.

SaberEdge3204d ago

It's good to hear that the PS3 version is performing so admirably. I will be looking forward to see how the 360 version performs.

-MD-3204d ago

I've yet to see a solid side by side comparison of the two versions, I'll decide when that actually happens.

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Michael-Jackson3204d ago

Hey bots, when the 360 analysis comes out, it will boom!

Ninji3204d ago

This garbage has already flopped regardless.

stonecold13204d ago

final fantasy vs 13 and xiv sorry bots you guys wont be playing those games anytime thought to let you know time to jump out and play beyond

divideby03204d ago

everyone I know who has both consoles like myself would be fools to buy the 360 version...just the diff. in audio alone, as we do have a 7.1 is a simple reason why I have to get the PS3 version.
I have yet to hear any mc owner buying the 360 version.
I read the entire article and it does appear that the game being ported to the 360, was thumbed down in scope.
If you want to disagree, please tell us why you are buying the 360 version...or just troll away

-MD-3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

"If you want to disagree, please tell us why you are buying the 360 version"

I play all my multiplats on my 360, I think the PS3 controller is horrid so I try and stay away as much as possible. Achievements are pointless but they're more fun to obtain than trophies (for me).

7.1 sound means nothing to me as I don't have surround sound.

As I've said previously, I haven't decided which version I'm buying but I'm hoping the 360 version comes out nicely because that's the one I prefer.

3204d ago
3204d ago
Wii360BeatsPS33204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Not after they gave Dead Space 7/10. Fable 2 a massive 10/10. They have no idea about reviewing games. All they are good for is obsessing over pixels in their tech analysis section. Sad excuse for a game site.

the_bebop3204d ago

That's a matter of opinion because you could say the same thing about either IGN, Gamespot and GameTrailers.

mrmikew20183204d ago

I agree with you. EG reminds me of a bunch teenagers and to make matters worst, they're bunch of hypocrites.It's no denying that they prefer the 360 over the PS3, which is fine in my book, but most of time they go out of their way to prove to themselves and the public, that 360 version is the best way to go. Just check out on their "Face-off: Round 24", in most cases the PS3 outshines the 360 version of a multi-title, but they state there's no reason not to pick up the 360 version over the PS3. If it was the other way around, we all know what their conclusion will be. Oh well, what can we do? This is how this generation works, there's entirely to much favoritism towards these systems.

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