Why Heavy Rain will redefine gaming: Demo impressions

"With access to the Heavy Rain demo coming earlier than expected, The Gaming Vault took it upon itself to download it as soon as possible. The conclusion? It works, and it works far better than many cynical gamers thus far have been willing to believe it could."

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ghamdikh33208d ago


POOR Alan flash lights game.

Major_Tom3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

It's going to redefine how to virtually brush your teeth and simulate hovering your characters ass over the toilet bowl.

Just can't seem to get the timing on the analog stick right.

densai3207d ago

alan looks good but nothing on this

sparta763208d ago

This is gonna be one hell of a game!!!

BulletToothtony3207d ago

and most of them are so used to always playing shooters like cod4 and get so caught up in the whole arcade feeling that they don't appreciate anything new..

i've been gaming since the Atari.. i've played almost every big game that has come out ever since.. so for me Heavy Rain it's an extremely welcomed change.. It is also the very reason why i loved mgs4 so much...

I'm tired of shoot shoot shoot.. i want something with more meaning... the story seems to be great.. and as we know story it's finally becoming the most important part in games, hence why Uncharted 2 got so many goty awards

The Meerkat3207d ago

I can't decide.

Will I get Heavy Rain or Dragons Lair?

Karooo3207d ago

heavy rain is not coming to the 360, so you better stick to dragons lair.

sikbeta3207d ago

This Game ill Redefine Gaming, First For Breaking Th habit, A game that's not a FPS, Second for Having a Heavy Mature Story that will make average people understand that games are not just for kids anymore and Third because is something New and Amazing

Gamers FTW!!!

SaberEdge3207d ago

I think a lot of gamers are looking for something different. I know Indigo Prophecy did many of the same things, but it was almost criminally overlooked. I am excited for Heavy Rain and I hope that it finds a much bigger audience this time around.

kwyjibo3207d ago

It's not going to redefine gaming, because it was already defined by Fahrenheit.

That being said, I liked what Fahrenheit was trying to do, and hope that Heavy Rain will improve and refine on the concept. David Cage has always been trying new things - but I'm still longing for a sequel to The Nomad Soul.

Virtual-on3207d ago

Bullshit. Gameplay will always be the most important part in video games...
Games =/= movies or novels...

bjornbear3207d ago

get dragon's lair

you are after all playing "next gen" right?/s....

Bigpappy3207d ago

You have to wait and see if the game sells first before you talk about it changing anything. Critical acclaim is not there yet either, but even with that, if game sales are not there, then developers will not follow HR. I know it sounds shocking to many of you, but developers make games that they think will sell and help them to play the bills so they could make more games. That is how it works. Many great ideas are lost because daily because people just did not buy into them. If HR sells well, you will see more developers copy some aspects of it. Just like Mass Effect dialog and choice system as sold very well and fall out 3 open world apocalypse has sold so well, ideas for these games with carry over to other games, just like God of war, Gears of war, Grand Tourisma, and Halo have dictated how games are made today. Sales is the first mile stone. We are not there yet.

DMason3207d ago

Let me just preface this by saying that Indigo Prophecy was one of my favorite Xbox games. With that said, I found the Heavy Rain demo to be a bit boring. I expected it to grab me, instead I had more complaints with the cumbersome controls.

Without giving away too much(anyone that played the demo should know which part Im speakingof), the action sequence had me staring at which button to press instead of being able to focus on the action.

There was something about the game that just didnt do it for me. I might have to weigh the decision of rent vs buy based on some other impressions. Maybe the rest of the game will be more engaging. But if its this or GoW3, I sadly have to choose the latter.

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snow4life3208d ago

the demo was boooooring.... NICE graphix. but the gameplay sucks!!
i mean..pushing the analog stick to open the car door... whats the option..stay in the car?! also walking around was really tricky.
Not going to buy this game!

Double Toasted3208d ago

The title of the article is scary. I play games to have fun....

Baba19063208d ago

i didnt get bored at all. but this kind of games (if apart from fahrenheit there are others) is not for everyone. i absolutly love the gameplay. its new and fresh and seems to have a great storyline. i do understand that some people might not enjoy it. i do see mixed reviews too. me im buying first day for sure.

BulletToothtony3207d ago

just curious if age has anything to do with this game.. or you simply didn't like it..

snow4life3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Im 32. so i dont think my age has anything to do with my view.
this just is not my kind of game, but i was hopeing it might have been.
could have been a nice game to play while waiting for GT5 :)

mrv3213207d ago

I agree with snow... using the anologue sticks is useless... why do I have to push buttons to do stuff? Like pick up weapons, accelerota... /sarcasm

Infernostew3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I'm sure you're not a fan of point and click adventure games either. I bet those are boring too. I find it pretty funny how people think that anything that involves using your brain and not just kill kill kill can be boring. While I was playing there demo there were so many things I tried just to see how it would affect the event. Asking the prostitute different questions yields different answers and the fight had a couple different events depending on what you do. I find mindless shooting games to be pretty boring, I don't know about you but thus game and Indigo Prophecy are really a breath of fresh air to the typical console game genres. I bet this game would have more appreciation if this game was multiplat so jealous fanboys would take off their fanboy goggles and give this game the credit it deserves.

ian723207d ago

I hate point and click games, just not for me but I see why people do like them. I find Heavy Rain very interesting and will definately get it day 1.

bjornbear3207d ago

and thats fine

what i disagree with (not in your case snow) is when people bash the game for no reason, simply because they just don't get it =/ sad...

still i agree, this is a very niche game and not every game will be able to enjoy it, thats just the way it is =)

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RustyMagus3207d ago

It's great to see some real mature content in a game, rather than simply blood, tits and gore. I have high hopes for Heavy Rain

militant073207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I dont find it mature content, whats mature about it?

I find it nerd or honrey's content.

bjornbear3207d ago

there's a scene where

dealing with a murderer that had taken a womans child, molested him and killed him

this devastated the woman, who turned to being a prostitute and doesn't care about anything anymore...

you need to have a certain level of sensitivity ( or trial and error =P) to get the right approach

for example - if you decide to pay her for the info, don't be surprise if she gets angry =P

so maturity is a factor in this game

i assure you a lot of young gamers simply won't understand the story or the gravity the elements in it have to each character, since they are usually more preoccupied with the amount of ammo their gun has...

AP3207d ago

Real amazing looking game. Can't wait to get the full version...

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