X-Play: Heavenly Sword Preview

An xtreme X-Play's close-up of the PS3 action game Heavenly Sword.

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achira4192d ago

this game looks so hot!

PlayStation3604192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

This game does look very impressive. I have been waiting for this game ever since I got my PS3, and even before then. Now I don't know if this game will be a AAA title, or even if it will be a system seller. No one does. But 1 thing is for sure. This game WILL be in my video game library.

Edit: WOW, someone disagrees with almost everyone here. Coincidence, I think not. lol It's fine to diagree, but atleast give your reasons why.

felidae4192d ago

this game looks amazing!!!!

crippler6664192d ago

This IS one of the games I bought the PS3 for. Every new preview has looked better both graphically and gameplay.

I think this will shift a few systems, not just because it looks nice, but it show cases what the PS3 can do.

Violater4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Yea Sessler you do so well to not be excited about ANY PS3 game, well except for ratchet and clank. I think they have their fav developers who they are loyal to over there.
Edit: seems a troll got in the room and is disagreeing with everyone and taking bubbles, seriously some people need to either get a life of just go kill themself.

VaeVictus4192d ago

Sessler and Webb are flaming Nintendo fanboys/girls. They have an intense hatred of Sony.

I can hardly wait to play HS. Would have been nice if it would have been launched in the PS3's "launch window" back in March.

Torch4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

It's funny, because I had the exact same impression you did; despite my enjoyment of watching X-Play (with its warped and twisted sense of humor) I realized that most anyone on G4TV in general, seldom has anything good to say about the PS3...

...and then I was taken aback last week, when upon surfing the X-Play section, I came across a video titled 'Adam's Assessment' interview-format blurb from Sessler, voicing his opinion about Sony's recent Gamer's Day, which surprisingly turned out to be very, very positive.

Because I'm unable to post a direct link to the flash-embedded video, I've pasted a link to the general video page instead. The video is currently the very top one, and it's called 'Adam's Assessment.'

See for yourselves:

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The story is too old to be commented.