Battlefield 2 Total War Realism Mod Update Released

Sw33tsp0t has released a new update for its Battlefield 2 Total War Realism Mod, now available for download.

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BattleAxe3238d ago

Oh wow, I gotta have this.....NOT, With BF:BC2 around the corner, who cares about this crap.

AnttiApina3238d ago

You are pathetic if you say that mods are useless.

vickers5003238d ago

He's not saying mods are useless; just this one.

Elwenil3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Sorry guys but aside from some graphical differences, Battlefield 2 and most of it's mods are twice the game that Bad Company 2 is. Personally I prefer the Project Reality mod for BF2 but either way BF2 has already had a longer life than BC2 will probably ever have. The only real thing Bad Company has is destructible environments which to me is sort of a gimmick since it does next to nothing to enhance the gameplay. From what I have seen is it results in is trigger happy tank gunners taking down buildings instead of enemies. Just my .02